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Hong Kong Phooey Intro

retro intro
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25 Responses to “Hong Kong Phooey Intro”

  1. freepepsicola says:

    I remember walking though the hallway at primary school and someone had a Hong Kong Phooey towel, I was so jealous.

  2. vladermeir says:

    @Cannibullarge how is it racist?

  3. natman2k says:

    i miss this show

  4. ninjaspiceattacks says:

    one of the best theme tunes ever. and a great cartoon. having scatman crothers doing the voice was one of the best moves hanna barbera ever made. it almost makes up for the disgrace of creating scrappy doo.

  5. Cannibullarge says:

    So racist, but funny

  6. TheKingOfKings69XxX says:

    9 people thought that sarg was the hero

  7. TRB1946 says:

    Love Hong Kong Phooey !

  8. Tobsson says:

    @jasonpidle We got it in sweden :D
    They made a new channel just for old cartoons from 70-95 or something ;D It’s EPIC!!

  9. glengooner74 says:

    Great Stuff !!! He was quicker than the human Eye !!! Class !!

  10. selloutasaurus says:

    @jasonpidle Boomerang Network just started showing “Hong Kong Phooey” again on Dec 1, 2010. Shows everyday (7 days a wk) at 11 AM (Eastern Time)! It’s one of the coolest vintage cartoons around! Cheers!

  11. bigdots49 says:

    Love all the old cartoons.

  12. lauxianlady405 says:

    I think this calls for a look in the Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu!

  13. rrose2009 says:

    Make it into a movie along with Speed Buggy.

  14. vinylrecord68 says:

    As a 70′s kid, there was nothing like getting up early on a Saturday morning and watch all kinds of cartoons (corny or not), Schoolhouse Rock, In the News and cereal and toy commercials. I’m showing my age, but I don’t care. Great memories.

  15. thessaly3 says:

    I am the middle aged female human version of hong kong phooey!!!hawo!”!”!

  16. datgawjaguhl says:

    my step dady mad me love this sow

  17. MrFloydianSlip says:

    7 people need a hong kong phooey chop

  18. shinnok001 says:

    @WEINBAUER what about popeye?

  19. loxoe says:

    @TB4000 you´re nuts ….¬¬

  20. loxoe says:

    honk phoey rocks !

  21. TB4000 says:

    Rosemary was hot. That’s right I said it.

  22. WEINBAUER says:

    Back in the day we had Bruce Lee,Chuck Norris,and of course Hong Kong Phooey!

  23. ShivDes789 says:

    hahah i used to love this show back in the day always used to sing this intro so catchy

  24. nejckra says:

    Just noticed he has a yellow belt. And can most probably kick Chuck Norris’s ass

  25. mihalalus says:


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