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25 Responses to “HONEY WEST”

  1. evpsareallaroundus says:

    ABC should have given it a better time slot.

  2. Robo1415 says:

    @Gnillob802 Maybe……it would be interesting to keep it set in the ’60s…

  3. Gnillob802 says:

    @Robo1415 Set to go a few years ago then flops from Angelina Jolie (known at the time for sucking Billy Bob Thorton’s blood & making out with her brother) & Halle Berry (Catwoman even closed down her Bond spinoff project) showed a strong woman heroine didn’t sell tickets. Angelina’s PR people got her to adopt orphans & Halle Berry won an Oscar for doing to Billy Bob Thorton what Angelina used to do, so now we like strong heroines again (SALT). Maybe Honey West isn’t dead.

  4. OsonsLaVertu says:

    @OsonsLaVertu peut-ĂȘtre mais la meilleure est Madame PEEL !

  5. sukneh says:

    @OsonsLaVertu Non, c’est homage!

  6. Robo1415 says:

    There was supposed to be a Honey West feature movie coming out back in the ’90s….Wonder what happened…

  7. OsonsLaVertu says:

    imitation de Emma Peel, non ?

  8. JubalCalif says:

    I faintly recall watching this show as a kid in the 60′s. Too bad it didn’t last longer. Even as a boy I realized what a HOT babe Anne Francis was (and she still looks WONDERFUL!). Hubba hubba to the max, daddy-o! THANKS for sharing this delightful “blast from the past” with us! :)

  9. toodance says:

    I have not watched tv as an adult but I did watch this as a 10 yo girl. I would dream I was honey west in the black cat suit and still have vivid memories of the adventures!

  10. MrMACDADDY888 says:

    They looked so much more appealing back in those days!

  11. gringo4x4do says:

    What a Babe Anne Francis was !

  12. webmail111 says:

    It only ran for one season? Wow. But it made an
    indelible mark on me because I remember it so well.

  13. Rocketjay12 says:

    I can’t believe this ran for only one season! I don’t remember much specifically about the show other than I watched it regularly.

  14. sandaglad says:

    Absolutely not. You’re thinking of some other actress, maybe Barbara Payton.

  15. exitscreaming says:

    wasnt the actress here arrested for solicitation after she fell on hard times?

  16. nacida007 says:

    me too!!!!! i eevn had a fake molar place around the same area she has ( on her face of course_)

  17. calalilygirl says:

    i was just about to ask about that

  18. VanWADebbie says:

    I wanted to be a detective like her.

  19. VanWADebbie says:


  20. jzw1953 says:

    that was one hot woman!

  21. 6459131 says:

    i loved this show and her thanks for the post

  22. Ramubay says:

    Both Alicia Silverstone and Rene Zwellwieger were attached to the big screen remake at one time but the project was scuttled after the performance of action films starring women in the lead failed to attract an audience (see various projects by Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, etc…)

  23. bartbro says:

    You are correct sir. Just one correction. Gomer Pyle was a mega-smash on CBS

  24. beattleBob says:

    It was cancelled because it had the same time slot as that NBC mega-smash Gomer Pyle.

  25. frantic1971 says:

    This would be a GREAT candidate for a modern-day remake, maybe a feature film or a tv series.

    Just curious as to who would be good actresses and actors for for a remake?

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