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Honey West Open 1965 Anne Francis ABC

This show aired Sept 17 1965

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  1. PlisnerU says:

    The show was terminated because of money. Honey West cost $200,000 per episode to produce. The studio could buy Avengers at $100,000 per episode. The math was easy for the studio. I loved this show and watched it religiously. It took a while to accept the Avengers. I would take Anne Francis over Diana Rigg any day.

  2. judyluvsnoel says:

    @rkogeneral that is so true. honey would be perfect for todays times.

  3. judyluvsnoel says:

    when i was 3 until 41/2 i wanted to be honey west when i grew up. a fashion model/spy/martial arts expert…. well at least i managed the martial arts thing…lol. but not exactly an expert…. i was also going to marry clint walker…..and live under water….. and drive my flying convertable car on vacations to saturn….. sigh…….

  4. dal4018 says:

    @2nicks She ws the precursor to Charlie’s Angels

  5. 2nicks says:

    I was 10 when I first watched Honey West and love it! I recently bought the entire series on DVD and still love it. Yes it’s dated, it was filmed in 1965, but it is great fun to watch Honey West and Sam Bolt in action again. Sadly only 30 episodes were produced and I only have about 8 episodes left to view. I wish Honey West had lasted 4 or 5 years and produced a 100 plus episodes. I really love this detective show:-)

  6. mpwb says:

    This was my very favorite TV show. Never saw a girl fight like that…..until Emma Peel came along, and, as someone else reported earlier I think it was cancelled to make way for The Avengers. I love The Avengers too, but Anne Francis was my female heroine. She is still one of the loveliest people in the business.

  7. jsrosa1282 says:

    @Mr76Yearsago What I could never understand is the fact that ABC lets high-quality shows run, on average, 3 or 4 years and then cancels them for no apparent reason. Case in point: This show (Honey West), Batman, The Bionic Woman, Just the Ten of Us, Doogie Howser, just to name a few programs canceled before their time was up.

  8. rkogeneral says:

    It’s time to “reinvent” this show.

  9. Mr76Yearsago says:

    Thanks for that insight. I had never thought of it before, that Honey West was such a strong female lead for 1965, that might have contributed to its early exit

  10. catfan says:

    Actually, I think it was ended because ABC had bought The Avengers and did not want two shows with strong female leads. The Avengers debuted on ABC in late March 1966, when this show was still airing. A real pity, since George Clayton Johnson was among those writing the episodes!! The show should have been allowed to survive!!

  11. Mr76Yearsago says:

    I was about your brothers age when Honey West was on ABC that year. The show should have lasted longer

  12. Mr76Yearsago says:

    Wow. You have as excellent a memory as my own. Every detail about Honey West and its specific competition was right on the mark.

  13. btwall60 says:

    about Anne Francis post:
    my big brother Dave went crazy over Anne Francis when this show came out, I remember I was 5, he was a teenager, He was nutty about her, and I can see why, just breath taking. She’s great in “Bad Day at Black Rock”

  14. kevdor79 says:

    Gomer Pyle WAS on CBS not NBC

  15. Mr76Yearsago says:

    This show should have been a success.I saw all but one episode in its 1965-66 runand they were all well written. Anne Francis and John Erickson had even better on screen chemistry than Angie Dickson and Earl Holloman on “Police Woman” a decade later. But, it seems this show was perhaps a little ahead of its time.. a bold independent woman running her own agency the same year “Ozzie and Harriett” finally ended.

  16. Bestmanme08 says:

    Anne Francis in great new bio (All About Jeffrey Hunter) at amazon!

  17. fromthesidelines says:

    “GOMER PYLE, USMC” was on CBS, ‘Bob’; “CONVOY” was on NBC from 8:30-9:30pm(et), but not for long- that was replaced by “THE SAMMY DAVIS JR. SHOW” in January 1966, then repeats of “SING ALONG WITH MITCH” by April.

  18. cywyhot says:

    I asked for a photo of the ocelot, Bruce, and got a photo of woman and cat signed for both Honey and Bruce. :) There were a number of strong female role models on tv in that era but they didn’t have cool pets like she did.

  19. teresasells says:

    I loved this show so much I named my honey blond dong HoneyWest! NO LIe! Check out my Video on HoneyWest takes a walk and you can see the resemblence down to the beautmark on her face!

  20. beattleBob says:

    The show is out now on DVD on VCI. The reason Honey West only lasted one season is that it was up against that NBC Ratings smash Gomer Pyle.

  21. LOTAGURL says:

    This show wasn’t sirloin. It was more like fried bologna, but I ate up every bit of it!

  22. granprix49 says:

    OMG this was the show, this chick was baddddddddddddd,

  23. usisguy says:

    I remember this show and I am 48 years old, boy does time fly.LOL

  24. mindreadingradios says:

    When I was a kid, my Mom wouldn’t let us watch “Honey West”. I think she thought it was too racy for my sister and I to watch.
    For its time, it was pretty suggestive, though hard to believe by today’s standards. lol

  25. Soulthinker2007 says:

    When its going to be on DVD? I have not seen it since I was very young when it was on. The photos looked sensual.

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