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25 Responses to “HONEY WEST”

  1. slobomotion says:

    I was very sorry to hear of her recent passing. I grew up in the States and this one didn’t last long, but I found it riveting as a little girl. There was even a doll on sale.

  2. shmuli9 says:

    @britfrenir Oh! I remember at least one of them – the one about the Appalachian witch – something like “Jezebel”, though I’m sure it’s a bit different from that…

  3. shmuli9 says:

    @britfrenir Anne was in at least TWO (and maybe three) Twilight Zone episodes… I can’t immediately think of the polots, but apparently the producers liked her quite a bit, as there are a few people who made multiple appearances (another was Burgess Merideth)…

  4. britfrenir says:

    @bartbro If you know Tags was on CBC it is safe to assume that Gomer Pyle USMC was. I think i saw the last seasons of it.and saw promos of it on a local station WSNS 44 Chicago.

  5. britfrenir says:

    @shmuli9 I thought I reconised her from that epsiode except here hair style looked different. That Twilght Zone episode was on over five years before this show though even though syndicated episodes used introduction from its 2nd season though. I wonder if she was in other TZ episodes. I think I had dream about that episode where I saw a madican in an elevator.

  6. britfrenir says:

    @mellomutt My father passed away soon after. I think I saw somone who looked like her on other shows. I got see part of two back to back episodes last weekend.

  7. britfrenir says:

    @JazzyAK And it probably would have been in color because if it started in 1965 and then shows most other shows converted to color as well as the first run shows and ones that were already in color.

  8. britfrenir says:

    I saw this show on Sunday night on Me Tv (WWMe) in Chicago. It is a new addtion on that station. It is a Four Star Production. Thank you for posting this.

  9. thanhmap100 says:

    I saw this in T.V in 1967 in Vietnam. Now see it again. I am happy.Thank you.

  10. billthestinker says:

    honey west always good for a load

  11. Noveltooner says:

    One of Aaron Spelling’s earliest TV series, it was also his classiest, and I’m sorry he never attempted to revive it when he really got clout. The teaming of Anne Francis with former fellow M-G-M contract player John Ericsson was pure heaven; a great bit of casting. (Who remembers them as the ill-fated sister and the brother in “Bad Day at Black Rock” with Spencer Tracy?) “Honey West” may have run only one season, but 35 years later when Nick-at-Nite re-ran it, I remembered it all.

  12. htrrz says:

    @bartbro I have always read that Honey West was due to be renewed another year in a one hour format, and in color, but the english show the Avengers was big over seas, and ABC wanted only one woman in a cat suit fighting crime? ABC then followed with the Girl from Uncle, Batgirl on Batman, so there ended up alot of cat suited women on ABC. I never liked the Avengers. Honey West fans were robbed by ABC. By the way anyone know why Honey West shows have been pulled off utube as of 1/9/2011?

  13. shmuli9 says:

    @AbbyCunningham That episode of the Twilight Zone could have been really creepy, except that the mannequins were more or less nice in the end. (If the episode had ended with them all ganging up on her and FORCING her bacck into the store, THAT would have been scary.)

  14. shmuli9 says:

    @bartbro “Gomer Pyle”, which I used to watch, is kind of odd, looking back. I think it would be hilarious if the Sarge had yelled “I’ve got piles!!!” instead of “Pyle!!!”

  15. keca1430 says:

    In her obituary, it said she was nominated for both the television Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for this role on TV. I wish she had done more TV shows in which she was the star. Too bad ABC didn’t keep this classy show on the air!

  16. AbbyCunningham says:

    Anne Francis was a warm and caring person who personally replied to my letters and loved my Christmas cards featuring my two pugs ever year. Her online diary on her website told us of her strong battle against cancer. She put up a grand fight.
    I will always remember Anne as the store dummy in The Twilight Zone episode who thinks she is a real woman. Honey West was a great role too, and Anne appeared in many classic TV shows and films. Thank you for your kindness and for being you. Robbie.

  17. nbcereuspotn says:

    To Anne,
    She had an amazing life and created paradigm shifting waves wherever she strode. Now a star travels to the stars with her furry female feline guide, Bruce Biteabit, still stalking and soothing at her silky striding side…Peace out, good girl…you’re finally at rest…r010320110357cms(c)

  18. njnewf says:

    RIP Anne, your Honey West did more for my pre teen self esteem than any one of those stupid “Growing Up and Liking It” books ever did!! Class act to the end.

  19. rockthose says:

    @NewYork10009 I am sad.

  20. ftsjr says:

    In the early 90s, I met Anne Francis at a memorabilia show. She was very approachable, and very friendly. RIP Anne.

  21. mellomutt says:

    @bartbro just read that it was because it became cheaper to purchase The Avengers than it was to produce their own show

  22. NewYork10009 says:

    With Very Sad Regret ,Our Anne Francis Peacefully Died
    yesterday (1/2/2011) with her daughter at her side.
    We will miss your Beautiful Smile .Rest In Peace Angel.
    You Will Live Forever on The Silver Screen.
    From Your Old Friend, Good Night

  23. terrorterminator says:

    I remember that I wanted my dad to get us kids an Ocelot because Honey West had one.
    Not very sure…but I think he weaseled out of it by telling us that they were illegal to have as pets in New York. But it wasn’t a total loss because… he then broke down and got us a dog.

  24. NEPatriot says:

    At 31 seconds…one word…MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-YOW!

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