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Honey West 1965 Promo

Promo Honey West ABC-TV 1965 Friday night

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14 Responses to “Honey West 1965 Promo”

  1. ChanceRooney7 says:

    R.I.P. Anne. What a big loss :(

  2. bukster1 says:

    This has never screened in New Zealand to my knowledge. Perhaps with Anne’s passing an episode or a tribute show will be screened. I would love to see more of her. She may be the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen.

  3. Willowdared says:

    I had a Honey West doll =( RIP

  4. Caternia says:

    May Anne Francis rest in peace….we will miss her.

  5. jmstudio says:

    What a lovely lady.

  6. ftsjr says:

    I was just 8 when Honey West premiered, but I do remember watching it. It was a fun show. RIP Anne.

  7. NewYork10009 says:

    With Very Sad Regret ,Our Anne Francis Peacefully Died
    yesterday (1/2/2011) with her daughter at her side.
    We will miss your Beautiful Smile .Rest In Peace Angel.
    You Will Live Forever on The Silver Screen.
    From Your Old Friend, Good Night

  8. gnativerson says:


  9. jmen4ever says:

    They just came out with a new honey west comic book, about two weeks ago.

  10. Fuliginosus says:

    As a child I assumed that this show was very much like real life.

  11. FatherChrismas says:

    I remember the cat.

    …God that was a long time ago.

  12. bellcord says:

    A real insight as to how how ‘Gillian’s Island ‘ was the TV ratings champ in this era…

  13. MissyWQ1 says:

    Thanks goodness for Honey West. She gave us gals some female-power. She, Anne Francis, is a beloved person today in Santa Barbara. XX Margie Bang

  14. fromthesidelines says:

    As the live staff announcer might have added at :51, “Watch the premiere of ‘HONEY WEST’ this Friday at 9, 8 Central Time, over most of these stations..”.

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