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Honey West 1 Punch KO

Excellent 1-punch KO from the old show, Honey West. I like the way they showed the KO’d girl out for a whilst.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Honey West 1 Punch KO”

  1. 620DK says:

    @jeprice08 Classic!

  2. Richard12384 says:

    Good Smash To The Jaw By Honey!

  3. joebriery says:

    Ann Francis looked so sexy dressed all in black, she made a for a hot and sexy Cat Burglar!!

  4. Splitskirts says:

    Hi yes I agree ref the ” girls fight “, they should have had ” Honey ” and the lovely long dark haired girl ( great figure ) rolling around on the floor a bit more. Regards.

  5. debbyLYT says:

    that girl in the dress has a nice ass too bad that fight seen wasnt longer

  6. jhamler1 says:

    Remember kids, when you see a fire, don’t call for help. Get out a pillow and some seltzer water! What started the fire in the first place?

  7. jhamler1 says:

    Remember kids, when you see a fire, don’t call for help. Get out a pillow and some seltzer water!

  8. xdashlydia says:

    Why is he fanning the fire while Honey is trying to put it out?

  9. rtt382 says:

    That girl Honey beat up was hot and had a great ass!

  10. ravaefava1 says:

    Ms West was so lovely!

  11. Coe80 says:

    Francoise Ruggieri

  12. herbertkearse says:

    Who plays the woman who gets Knocked out?

  13. zepp4 says:

    Funny — the bad girl is facing right on the floor, but in the long shot, after the fire is out, she’s facing left …

    That must have been one hell of a punch!!

  14. far8019 says:

    i’d let her bury her gloved fist into my stomach anytime!!

  15. 911ayn says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen it.

  16. sturridge123 says:

    Would have been far sexier for the bad girl to give honey west a beating & knock honey out cold instead.

  17. jeprice08 says:

    1:00 – 1:06 I love those bits of dialogue!

    Honey: Poor Robin (Hood)! He’ll never forgive us!
    Sam: Why not?
    Honey: We have to give it back to the rich!

  18. tuffffffffff says:

    Luv those femme kos……boooiiiiing!!!!!

  19. damnliar says:

    Sounds very interesting. Have you seen the episode where Honey is working undercover as a carhop. She wears a jungle print body suit. Great legs. I don’t think she gets knocked out in that tho. Too bad.

  20. outcold2006 says:

    of course you can watch.and i’ll be spread eagle in my shortest mini for you guys

  21. damnliar says:

    Hey, outcold2006, if Honey West knocks
    you out, can we watch. Please post it
    here on youtube. LOL.

  22. outcold2006 says:

    honey west can knock me out anytime

  23. spd47 says:

    Must have been some punch,she changed position whilst out cold!.

  24. Pattysadlerko says:

    Leaving the KO’D babe in the background for the whole scene is a nice touch.

  25. scarlettmoonstar1556 says:

    Wonderful punch from old movie!

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