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Hollywood Squares – Peter Marshall Interview Hollywood Squares game show host Peter Marshall interview with Explore Talent. Peter Marshall discusses the show, Paul Lynde and how Hollywood Squares began. For more interviews with Peter Marshall go to http Explore Talent helps actors find auditions and jobs for television, film and theater.
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25 Responses to “Hollywood Squares – Peter Marshall Interview”

  1. 818marshal says:

    very nice comments… thank you!

  2. Dodgerfn5 says:

    @818marshal Wow. What an honor to have you on YouTube. I had the pleasure of seeing Peter twice (once in 2002 at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert when they did “Hollywood Squares”–documentary and also in 2006 at the Game Show Congress in Beverly Hills. He could still host Hollywood Squares today with his abundant knowledge of the show.

  3. disneyfan81 says:

    @megamanj2004X Actually”The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour” lasted for about six months. And the syndicated nighttime “Squares” (the one he said was on for eight years) was actually on for ten years.

  4. pauldavisfan says:

    Peter Marshall – I had the biggest crush on him when I was young, growing up in the 1970′s. I don’t think I ever missed a show! And then getting to see him in so many other things – Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Sabrina, Annie, Reel to Reel, an early episode of The Lucy Show – he still looks fabulous and I’m presently reading his book about The Hollywood Squares. He is awesome!

  5. 818marshal says:

    yes indeed… very lucky to be married to that wonderful man… and tonight we had a wonderful Christmas Eve with his great kids and grandkids (which I was lucky enough to marry into!) It’s a very lovely family…

  6. gooffbball says:

    @818marshal are you really Peter Marshall’s wife?

  7. 818marshal says:

    thanks for that correction mceisner! yes he’s very alive and as sexy as ever (can you tell this is his wife?)

  8. mcelsner says:

    Antares in Scorpius–he’s not dead! Whatcha talkin’ about??? He’s still amongst the living…

  9. AntaresInScorpius says:

    rip peter marshall. you were one of the best!!

  10. megamanj2004X says:

    I liked how he ribbed the Match Game/Hollyqood Squares by saying how Jon Bauman’s hosting of the HS portion of that show lasting 2 weeks! LOL!

  11. TheLilbuddy67 says:

    I can listen to these stories all day……

  12. mverno2 says:

    just curious what station is he on?

  13. petehuss says:

    Peter Marshall is on the radio every morning, by the way. He’s great as a DJ. Old school, a bit edgy, funny guy.

  14. sujian110 says:

    very good vedio

  15. xiaohui1352 says:


  16. reneezhao7078 says:


  17. silinda11 says:

    ET is great.

  18. jessica9290 says:

    ET gives me good impression, btw, i like Peter Marshall!!!

  19. anpengfei250 says:


  20. kkcat9290 says:

    i like this guy
    like et, telling us more secrets

  21. vickyly8811 says:

    nice vedio

  22. Anna0626123 says:

    good vedio

  23. lizaihui15 says:

    very good vedio

  24. Hyman305 says:

    Peter Marshall looks good.

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