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Hollywood Squares – Jokes Running Away & Gilbert’s 4 Questions In A Row

You’ve probably seen the infamous “YOU FOOL!” clip from Hollywood Squares, where it takes about 8 or so questions for a contestant to win Gilbert’s square and the first round at the very end of the game. This clip is almost as bad, with Gilbert needing to be called on FOUR times before a contestant finally gets his square and a 5-block win. By the end of the clip, Whoopi and Bruce Vilanch are losing it. No copyright infringement is intended. This clip is up simply to preserve a classic moment of the revival of Hollywood Squares. I don’t own anything related to the show or its production companies. If this clip violates any copyrights, please let me know and it will be removed immediately.
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25 Responses to “Hollywood Squares – Jokes Running Away & Gilbert’s 4 Questions In A Row”

  1. Killoutoflove says:

    “Billboards for Viagra” – Genius. Sheer genius.

  2. thecornettmultiverse says:

    You can tell they really enjoyed filming this show back then…once they replaced Whoopi as the center square, it went downhill.

  3. Kazemio says:

    i disagree.
    oh thank god.

  4. adamdicy says:

    “they hide behind big wheels of cheese” lmfao

  5. blah3189 says:

    billboards for viagra!

  6. Jannette92 says:

    he says: ‘I know this one’ a lot of time :P haha also in the YOU FOOL episode :P

  7. blunklaura says:

    @colin70000 Not play ground equipment>I thought that was used too.

  8. misy49 says:

    @DLJBFan2008 He is also notable, at least in a comedic sense, for being well endowed so even the mention of his name is almost a joke.
    Whoopi knew an obvious and labored joke was coming up

  9. TheFitz741 says:

    Gilbert Gottfried is the best, i remember watching this with my grandmother and seeing how much fun the celebrities were having. Good Ole 90′s

  10. damanwithdacam says:

    Word of advice: never agree with gilbert

  11. titaniumiceadmin007 says:

    Extra small condoms

  12. nickreynolds777 says:


  13. colin70000 says:

    For anyone who was curious, the answer to the final question was golf clubs.

  14. surrealgeorge says:

    It’s brilliant to see two disney voices next to eachother laughing haha

  15. RinJackson says:


    Probably on Game Show Network/GSN/whatever they’re called these days.

  16. MegaUnknown43 says:

    they hide behind big wheels of cheese LMFAO

  17. DLJBFan2008 says:

    @godzillahulk Yes. “You Fool!” hadn’t happened yet. I was TiVo’ing the show religiously looking for it, and this turned up instead.

  18. godzillahulk says:

    was this episode before the “YOU FOOL” episode?

  19. xBloodRedSandmanx says:

    Gilbert Gottfried ftw

  20. Dizzybear says:

    this has to be one of the stupidest clips. funny but a waste of time.

  21. runescaperocks8 says:

    does this show still come on t.v? if so what channel i have dish network

  22. tvnutboy says:

    This is like “You Fool” but with Half the Calories.

  23. noizyme says:

    Doesn’t start until about 1:22 for all those concerned. Deeply concerned.

  24. TheCastellan says:

    We can’t help Tommy Lee was a loser. XD

  25. TheCastellan says:

    What the hell does Bruce Vilanch do again?

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