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Clips from old HOLLYWOOD SQUARES anybody know if these are outtakes or did they air?

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  1. Keyo717 says:

    @lilbittn Geez…i had forgotten all about that guy.

  2. GrannyTenderstone says:

    @lilbittn Thanks for sharing that!

  3. romanpr1nce says:

    “takes your…mind of your balls or…something”


  4. lilbittn says:

    @GrannyTenderstone John Davidson is in this clip.

  5. GrannyTenderstone says:

    Oh no Bobby Sherman, he lived around the corner from my friend’s house in Van Nuys and one Christmas Eve we went to his door and he and his parents came out to hear us sing Carols. Or is that John Davidson? They looked so much alike back then.

  6. GrannyTenderstone says:

    I used to love Cliff Arquette. I actually was in the audience for a couple of their shows, my dad used to get us tickets for various shows in Burbank like Truth or Consequences, etc., and my parents were contestants on TorC about 1962 with Bob Barker.

  7. nthemuseurodenon says:

    this is laugh out loud funny and I really appreciate that it’s old and grainy video.

  8. maddogmcrae says:

    Way too funny!

  9. caddop22 says:


    That is true

  10. mcleanartists says:

    @FitNationTv she IS!

  11. OCSnowBoarder says:

    fluoride? Great stuff!

  12. whatanightmare1 says:

    I miss these old days!!

  13. GeraldJeanNeal says:

    Hey, I just saw this same video posted by someone else. It said this video is an “outtakes”; so, no, it didn’t air…

  14. devtrev says:

    @FitNationTv Yes, I’d love to be in the square on top of her. Or the one under her for that matter.

  15. gabsylv says:

    @BoundaryShift All these answers are pre-scripted.

  16. CoolioRockstar says:

    0_0 OMG this is Funny!

  17. BoundaryShift says:

    Is a guy ever too old to have his teeth straightened? “Well now, that would be my second choice.” What quick thinking!

  18. SierraLynn1512 says:

    That was hilarious. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

  19. giles422 says:

    Demond Wilson got a question about a bank loan, and Redd Foxx got a question about car theft, hmmm

  20. giles422 says:

    Demond wilson got a question about a bank loan, and Redd Foxx got a question about car theft, hmmm

  21. etrax2000 says:

    there were some times in the country when risque jokes were acceptable as folkes didn’t thunk kids would understand. i don’t think they would see things like that anymore. thus these jokes would be considered smut.

  22. etrax2000 says:

    people say that paul lyn was very angry about life and quite nasty to fans and press

  23. bhkidd says:

    Damn, got Florence Henderson thinking about a hummer. I hereby volunteer.

  24. OpiumMuseum says:

    @timtaylor97044 Snipes? When did networks start displaying those annoying things? Last year I was in the US for several months after not having lived there since the early 1980s, and I found those snipe things made TV all but unwatchable – they take up a quarter of the screen! Everybody I asked said the things had been in use for as long as they could remember. It’s as though network television is so bad now, they have to constantly tempt you with more crap to keep you from turning the channel.

  25. peterfalahee says:

    on the whole i would say

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