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Hollywood Squares: 1/20/00, Part 1

Hollywood hilarity from the beginning of the 2000s, it’s a season two episode of Hollywood Squares! Our game gets underway in the first half.
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22 Responses to “Hollywood Squares: 1/20/00, Part 1”

  1. edwardcullen62019011 says:

    do u know what episode it is when whose line came??

  2. AlphaOmegaAWH says:

    Hence why I say “Oh God. Here we go again.” at 8:45. XD

  3. TheLastLevel999 says:

    the way coolio says “wyoming” is just hilarious

  4. supersaver87 says:


    He appeared quite a few times on this version.

    Search “hollywood squares you fool” on YouTube to see one of his best episodes. :)

  5. pkmnguy2010 says:

    OMG it’s iago! lol

  6. NemTheMan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…one is the grand canyon and the other one is monica lewisnkis lap….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AaronBruceLadner says:

    @YankeePat94 John Davidson hosted Hollywood Squares from 1986 to 1989. He also hosted The $100,000 Pyramid in 1991.

  8. YankeePat94 says:

    @AaronBruceLadner who is he?

  9. AaronBruceLadner says:

    @YankeePat94 I WANT JOHN DAVIDSON!!

  10. RedArcheryGirl92 says:

    He just threw a gang sign at 0:10!

  11. Barclay1987 says:


  12. YankeePat94 says:

    GSN should bring back the peter marshall version

  13. YankeePat94 says:

    Tom is more known for hosting afv

  14. supersaver87 says:


    Yes, it’s still on…though it’s been considerably scaled back. It now only airs weekends at 9 am.

  15. YankeePat94 says:

    does gsn still rerun this version. i know they no longer rerun the peter marshall version (from the 1960s and 1970s)

  16. AaronBruceLadner says:

    My Favorite Thing about Hollywood Squares is the Host and Contestant Area. The Host is Sandwiched between Two Contestants.

  17. 66hourenergy says:

    STFU Whoopi!

  18. barber747 says:

    Nice! Keep these season two HS episodes coming! These are so nostalgic!!

    BTW, I didn’t know GSN began the season 2 cycle for HS as long ago as four months ago…maybe I lost track…

  19. supersaver87 says:

    Nope. GSN has been airing season 2 for about 4 months. I don’t know if they’ve skipped episodes like they did with season 1, though.

  20. Hondo20132 says:

    I thought the only Season 2 episode GSN showed was the ‘You Fool’ episode.

  21. tpirjunky says:

    “Here we go again.” YOU FOOL!!! >D

  22. animfan1 says:

    Eleanor actually left with $20,000 because she won the bonus round on the following show.

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