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Hogan’s Heroes – The Complete First Season

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  1. Tommy Noe says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hogan’s Heroes, my favorite TV show, March 2, 2005
    Tommy Noe (Morristown, TN United States) –

    This review is from: Hogan’s Heroes – The Complete First Season (DVD)

    Finally, Hogan’s Heroes is on DVD. I have every episode on VHS tape, but I have been anticipating the release of HH on DVD. My favorite episodes in Season One are It Takes A Theif Sometimes, Hogan’s Hofbrau, The Scientist and The Safecracker Suite. My favorite characters on the show are Sgt Shultz (I see nothing, I know nothing!) played by John Banner, Robert Hogan played by Bob Crane and Major Wolfgang Hochstetter played by Howard Caine. In an interesting tidbit, Howard Caine plays three different German officers on Hogan’s Heroes. First, he is Major Keitel in the episode, “Happy Birthday Adolf,” (in season one) and he plays Colonel Feldkamp in the episode “The Battle Of Stalag 13″ (in season two).

    #1 – The Informer – September 17th, 1965
    #2 – Hold That Tiger – September 24th, 1965
    #3 – Kommandant Of The Year – October 1st, 1965
    #4 – The Late Inspector General – October 8th, 1965
    #5 – The Flight Of The Valkyrie – October 15th, 1965
    #6 – The Prisoner’s Prisoner – October 22nd, 1965
    #7 – German Bridge Is Falling Down – October 29th, 1965
    #8 – Movies Are Your Best Escape – November 5th, 1965
    #9 – Go Light On The Heavy Water – November 12th, 1965
    #10 – Top Hat, White Tie And Bomb Sight – November 19th, 1965
    #11 – Happiness Is A Warm Sergeant – November 26th, 1965
    #12 – The Scientist – December 3rd, 1965
    #13 – Hogan’s Hofbrau – December 10th, 1965
    #14 – Oil For The Lamps Of Hogan – December 17th, 1965
    #15 – Reservations Are Required – December 24th, 1965
    #16 – Anchors Aweigh, Men Of Stalag 13 – December 31st, 1965
    #17 – Happy Birthday, Adolph – January 7th, 1966
    #18 – The Gold Rush – January 14th, 1966
    #19 – Hello, Zolle – January 21st, 1966
    #20 – It Takes A Thief…Sometimes – January 28th, 1966
    #21 – The Great Impersonation – February 4th, 1966
    #22 – The Pizza Parlor – February 11th, 1966
    #23 – The 43rd, A Moving Story – February 25th, 1966
    #24 – How To Cook A German Goose By Radar – March 4th, 1966
    #25 – Psychic Kommandant – March 11th, 1966
    #26 – The Prince From The Phone Company – March 18th, 1966
    #27 – The Safecracker Suite – March 25th, 1966
    #28 – I Look Better In Basic Black – April 1st, 1966
    #29 – The Assassin – April 8th, 1966
    #30 – Cupid Comes To Stalag 13 – April 15th, 1966
    #31 – The Flame Grows Higher – April 22nd, 1966
    #32 – Request Permission To Escape – April 29th, 1966

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  2. Peter Ingemi says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Slice and dice, you won’t miss what you don’t know, April 23, 2005
    Peter Ingemi (Worcester County, Massachusetts United States) –

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    This review is from: Hogan’s Heroes – The Complete First Season (DVD)

    I was very excited to get this first season of Hogan’s Heroes on DVD. If you are a fan of the show who has only had the pleasure of watching it on late night UHF then the complete first season will be a great pleasure. The lack of special features will not upset you very much.

    If you however like myself you have the VHS tapes you will notice that the pilot is cut. Whole scenes are missing as well as key lines and jokes. I was planning to dump my VHS copes after buying this. I don’t plan to do so now.

    As this is 17 hours of episodes I don’t expect I’ll notice every missing scene, but if you are going to make a collection is it too much to ask that the actual broadcast episodes as opposed to the cut versions (for extra ads) from UHF be used? I would think not but apparently we beggers can’t be choosers.

    My advice is to pick up the VHS versions whenever possible, but for episodes not available this collection will fill the bill.

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  3. J. McAndrew says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Colonel Klink isn’t going to like this., February 28, 2005
    J. McAndrew

    This review is from: Hogan’s Heroes – The Complete First Season (DVD)

    For those of you not familiuar with the show; Hogan’s Heroes was a great military sitcom. It paved the way for other military shows such as M.A.S.H. and The A-Team. The basic plotline of the show is that Hogan and four other prisoners of WWII are being held in a german P.O.W. camp. Hogan and his friends take advantage of their situation to sabotage the Germans any way they can. It has many hilarious moments, usually resulting from the Germans led by Col. Klink who are incompetent and completly oblivious to what is going on right under their noses. Hogan and his men have underground tunnels and a seemingly endless supply of disguises at their disposal. My favorite character of the show was Colonel Klink who was played to perfection by Werner Klemperer. You can catch him reprising his role in the season 5 episode of the Simpsons “The Last Temptation of Homer” where he is Homer’s guardian angel. I am thankful that this show will finally be available in season sets on DVD. I would also love to see some bonus features on these DVDs but since this is a Paramount release I am skeptical that there will be any. This should be available on March 15. So until then enjoy this list of the 32 season 1 episodes that should all be included on this DVD set.

    1. The Informer
    2. Hold the Tiger
    3. Kommandant of the Year
    4. The Late Inspector General
    5. The Flight of the Valkyrie
    6. The Prisoner’s Prisoner
    7. German Bridge is Falling Down
    8. Movies Are Your Best Escape
    9. Go Light on the Heavy Water
    10.Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight
    11.Happiness is a Warm Sergeant
    12.The Scientist
    13.Hogan’s Hofbrau
    14.Oil for the Lamps of Hogan
    15.Reservations are Required
    16.Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13
    17.Happy Birthday, Adolf
    18.The Gold Rush
    19.Hello, Zolle
    20.It Takes a Thief… Sometimes
    21.The Great Impersonation
    22.The Pizza Parlor
    23.The 43rd, a Moving Story
    24.How to Cook a German Goose by Radar
    25.Psychic Kommandant
    26.The Prince from the Phone Company
    27.The Safecracker Suite
    28.I Look Better in Basic Black
    29.The Assassin
    30.Cupid Comes to Stalag 13
    31.The Flame Grows Higher
    32.Request Permission to Escape

    Thanks to for the above list of episodes.

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