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Hogan’s Heroes s3e2 part 1

Episode Name: Some of Their Planes Are Missing
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Hogan’s Heroes s3e2 part 1”

  1. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @ahopper1985 Every once in a while they’d have an adjutant for Klink but the recurring one was Gruber (played by Dick ‘Mr. Whipple’ Wilson).

  2. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @1MoreCarol Probably on holiday/vacation or maybe he wasn’t required to appear in the episode.

  3. Hargrove2011 says:

    @guitarsquiddy about the most random thing to say…. :D

  4. guitarsquiddy says:

    @Hargrove2011 : To the best of my knowledge he says: I was taking a letter to the post(office) and took a wrong turn. You see, my commandant, if you turn on the spot to go to the barracks that’s an oblique angle.

  5. pantherlilly003 says:

    What happened to Schultz’s small mustache?

  6. pantherlilly003 says:

    He is speaking French, but he does say in German. “Don’t shoot me”

  7. Hargrove2011 says:

    what is LeBoau saying in the beginning?

  8. LiefEriccson1 says:

    Where is newkirk. His accent is awesome. Love it anyway.

  9. suprememaz says:

    Who’s the new guy helping Hogan?

  10. MarkThompson01 says:

    Burkhalter cracks me up. His hateful remarks toward Klink are outstanding!

  11. 1MoreCarol says:

    Where is Richard Dawson in this episode?

  12. EmporerAaron says:

    what did he say???

  13. ilovetogofast88 says:


    Newkirk? Probably in the “cooler”

  14. EmporerAaron says:

    what happened to the englishman (sorry i cant remember his name)

  15. allenpoe17 says:

    I think the reason the shows like Mash and Hogans Heroes lasted longer then the wars is maybe just maybe it could be because THEY WERE POPULAR!!!

  16. ilovetogofast88 says:


    Probably in the “cooler”

  17. dabois85 says:

    @dancinkindofguy yeah and mash went for 11 years check how long the Korean War went

  18. dabois85 says:

    @winkieandleah Can you blame them, it just took him like 10 seconds to count 6 people.. that very bad, should take about 2-3max, and also he is rather stupid and simple, all he knows is bombs and well how to make them

  19. JeffDavadPhotog says:

    Everyone knows this is a tv comedy and not a documentary show so it is allowed comedic and artistic liberties, quit over analyzing and just enjoy the comedy.

  20. gprunty says:

    otteselguy it is a comedy show get a life and try to laugh a little

  21. Mrdepointer says:

    Poor Labo!

  22. mjh2432 says:

    No kidding it was a comedy show

  23. dancinkindofguy says:

    @ahopper1985 Wow, it did run longer than the war, at least the American participation. Another goof up in the show was that officers were not kept in the same place as enslisted men. Also the area where the prisoners were kept was fenced off from the buildings (like Klink’s office) the captors used. Hogan would not have been able to just pop into Klink’s office like he always did.

  24. ahopper1985 says:

    @dancinkindofguy Ran from 65 to 71

  25. dancinkindofguy says:

    @ahopper1985 I don’t think it ran longer than 3 seasons, but I’m not sure. At least it was not as bad as MASH, which went about 10 years longer than the Korean War did.

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