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Hogan’s Heroes S2E1 part 1

Episode Name: Hogan Gives a Birthday Party

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25 Responses to “Hogan’s Heroes S2E1 part 1”

  1. CelestineForever says:

    They don’t have television like this anymore. I miss Hogan’s Heroes.

  2. elvis3700 says:

    Helga was a babe!!!

  3. SovereignStatesman says:

    Who cares, the U.S. started it– unless you actually believe that England would actually declare war on Hitler while outnumbered 5:1, without ANY secret promise of U.S. support from FDR.
    Because if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

  4. SovereignStatesman says:

    What do you want, he’s a TOYMAKER not a soldier.

  5. o1z2k3ar4 says:

    Alguien tiene la serie en español ?…se agradecería mucho

  6. BloodyLoveEnglish says:

    <3 Newkirk he is the best of the show! ;)

  7. brickarms666 says:

    klink always seems to be fulled by hogan. every episode. its quite funny how shultz learns of hogans plans and all he says is “i see nothing….nothing”

  8. DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3 says:

    Who are these two men?

    Your side shot em down… ROFL

  9. Veruka311096 says:

    The best series ever.

  10. Revanstar14 says:

    Grrr I know nothing! grr grrr grrrrrrrrrr I know …GRRRR nothing!! grr *And out the door*

  11. 503CRITICAL says:

    @marvelmax03191 yea but all of them were at that time they had no choice

  12. marvelmax03191 says:

    @503CRITICAL be sure you know that being a german and a nazi aren’t the same thing.

  13. Rick6315 says:

    @503CRITICAL it was a war =sorry for your loss. I loss 2 uncles & 5 cousins. two lucky uncles made it , the stories they told …when they could talk about it

  14. mustameis says:

    @bettafarm newkirk’s my favorite <333

  15. aKissOfCrimson says:

    I loved to watch re-runs of this with my parents when I was about 3 years old, but I was terrified of mustaches and Schultz freaked me out! I still love the show to this day! (and Richard Dawson!!!)

  16. 503CRITICAL says:

    fuck all the nazies they killed all my great grand perents for no fucken reason i say we
    fuck em up

  17. streetcarjay says:

    Cpl Newkirk says:

    C’MON LET’S PLAY THE FEUD!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. wichserification says:

    @Imragnar1 Year, this Hogan really existed.

  19. sammieoniell says:

    Which episode is it that Hochstetter is searching the barracks and comes across a false radio with a spring snake (or something like that) in it and has a note that says “Sorry no Radio” and Klink cancels the ping pong tournament?

  20. BobCraneIsMyHero says:

    @bettafarm YOU SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. gprunty says:

    I tried to research to find out if anything like this really went on even in a small degree the best I could find was from the true movie “the great escape”

  22. BruBot12 says:

    I always have a smile when I watch this show. It brings back great childhood memories when we watched Hogan’s Heroes as a family together. It was a shame that Hollywood ended this series prematurely.

  23. TheShel10 says:

    My favorite show when I was a kid.

  24. Ham1086 says:

    coooooonel hogan pleeeaasse!! lol

  25. lorennmeg says:

    I love how he plays klink like a fiddle! Every episode he plays a song on him LOL

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