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Hogan’s Heroes – Carter imitating Hitler

This is the scene in “Will the real Adolf please stand up”, where Sgt Carter imitates Hitler to fool Klink, Schultz, and even Burkhalter
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25 Responses to “Hogan’s Heroes – Carter imitating Hitler”

  1. Derconmann says:


  2. meljpetra says:

    Prob.; The Most Classic Scene in This Series ? Gotta Love Klink’s Expression ! Haaaaaah ! <:

  3. Ducttapestuff says:

    5:35 totally priceless

  4. BuddyNovinski says:

    Did anyone notice that Carter’s hair is parted the wrong way? Of course, Hitler only spoke only German, but he didn’t know anything outside of German/Austrian culture.

  5. guitarcat333 says:

    far and away my favorite Hogan’s Heroes moment!!!

  6. AlleyKitty13 says:

    “Is this the Comondant?”
    “Yavol, mein furher.”
    “We will win the war anyway!”

  7. NYFranc260 says:

    @DarthSideous63 he was also Private Hummel in Gomer Pyle, USMC

  8. Ham1086 says:

    nearly fool me lol

  9. SuperTennis3 says:

    ROFLMFAO “Auf Wiedersehen Folks”

  10. KylesLiberals says:

    @Kinoakim Okay I do not want to start an arguement but if you read them again there is hints in each and piece them together and you will uncover it and I dont want to spoil the comments on here lets just watch and ejoy this absoluty wonderful show

  11. Kinoakim says:

    @KylesLiberals I’ve actually read those books (within the last year actually) and there is absolutely nothing about Hogan’s Heroes originally taking place in a Concentration Camp. Perhaps you misread a line somewhere?

  12. KylesLiberals says:

    @Kinoakim Three books I have read the first was the book by Robert Clarey “From Holocaust to Hogan’s Heroes”, which I high recommand it is great, second which really gets to the heart of most thing like this is the Brenda Scott Royce novel “Hogan’s Heroes – A Comprehensive Reference” this is rather good but in some places you may need to think before you read on and another Brenda Scott Royce book “Behind the scenes at Stalag 13″ good but much simler to the other book

  13. Kinoakim says:

    @KylesLiberals If you don’t mind my asking what is your source for this. I’ve never heard it before?

  14. KylesLiberals says:

    @Kinoakim Yes it was going to take place in a prison but the tought of people helping possilbe murders escape wasnt going to to be great publicity and actually Albert Ruddy had thought of a Consentration camp as it would seem good that people were helping them escape but Bernard Gein the Co-Creator turned it down they then went on to the Prison then to a POW camp from which we got this great show

  15. Kinoakim says:

    I should also add that while John Banner & Leon Askin escaped the Nazis they lost their parents in the death camps. Before Leon got out he was also interrogatedby the Gestapo. So these men all knew very well what the Nazis were about.

  16. Kinoakim says:

    @KylesLiberals The show was NEVER going to take place is a concentration camp. It was originally going to take place in an original prison. That didn’t sell so with the popularity of The Great Escape they changed it to a POW camp. The rest of your information is mostly correct: Werner, Leon, and John Banner all escaped Nazi Germany. Robert Clary however did not escape and was in the concentration camps.

  17. Fooblestheclown says:

    This is the greatest show ever produced. Unfortunately, the politically correct bastards will always be unclear on the concept, and as a result we will not be able to enjoy the show like we used to in the 70′s.

  18. KylesLiberals says:

    Facts: Robert Clarey that played LeBeau in Hogans Heros was in WWII and was a Jewish person, he had a serial number on his left arm written on him with a pin by a Gestapo colonal and that is the reason he had long sleeve jumpers on at all time and Werner Klemplerer´╗┐ a.k.a Colonal Klink and Leon Askin a.k.a General Burkhalter were all Jews Germans that flead to England at the start of WWII, the show was originally going to take place in a Consentration camp but because of that they changed it

  19. jimicamaro says:

    @Erwin0859 Tu m’├ętonnes…

  20. RFKFANTS67 says:

    anyone else notice the crickets during winter lol I wish

  21. WuHa105 says:

    ” ‘wiedersehen folks” at the end…lol

  22. Erwin0859 says:

    On aura tout vu !

  23. robsee055 says:

    @stefano93hessen “Will The Real Adolf Please Stand Up?” is the episode name.

  24. stefano93hessen says:

    which season and episode is that ?

  25. vertigo1380 says:

    666 people like his impression.

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