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Hilarious MASH Bloopers

Bloopers from the Tv Show M*A*S*H (1972-1983)
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Hilarious MASH Bloopers”

  1. DJLEGEND626 says:

    best fuckin show shit

  2. alicialamb1989 says:

    ‘oh shit’

  3. LG112108 says:

    wow even when he messes up, frank still uses non-swearing words! man i love this show, it’s my dad that got me into this and absolutely love it!

  4. RustyRocktopus says:

    @NoModsRequiredx theres a char named spear chucker so there ya go…

  5. TheUpperRoom477 says:

    @NoModsRequiredx FOOL! Everyone knows they werent invented until 1987!

  6. fghdjfify says:


  7. tdsviper says:

    I’ve got all seasons on DVD, but never seen these bloopers.
    I love that series, ussally watch the whole series 1x per year.
    It never gets old.

  8. NoModsRequiredx says:

    where are the niggers

  9. Bloodnswash says:

    It’s the “shit” bloopers! LOL! BEST SHOW EVER!!!

  10. MsMemphisFlyer says:

    OMG henry blake said the f-word hahah never imagened that made my day

  11. Basketball80 says:

    That last blooper was HILARIOUS!!! “…or you can just stay here..we don’t give a damn….” LOL

  12. TheDeanmartinfan1 says:

    the man in the last blooper was alan alda’s father, robert alda

  13. tarasensei says:

    Klinker’s chest hair is crazy.

  14. Pr0nStYle says:

    larry saying the f-word is so funny .
    i miss him

  15. bdillan1957 says:


  16. peterfalahee says:

    mash best show ever

  17. sarif1400 says:

    oh shit

  18. whythewar1 says:

    0:20 GOD I love larry linville!

  19. rk4life13 says:

    actually he’s not that hairy… look at the size of that… CUT!!! LLLOOOLLL!!!!

  20. LycoValleyRRFan says:

    Shit I don’t want any trouble I just want to get laid. HA HA FUNNY

  21. CollaborationSeries says:


  22. runningwolff50 says:

    am i the only one who cringes when Radar swears? lmao

  23. stematfisnyc says:

    @ 1:02 The line is ” Tank collapses in pain.Turns out I taped up the wrong leg”
    Funny thing about this is I actually remember the first night that played. I laughed so hard I dont know what happened in the rest of the show. It was all a blur after that joke.

  24. KURTLAWN says:


  25. KURTLAWN says:

    radar should say HE double toothpicks more often

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