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Highway to Heaven – Season One

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  1. Ned "java_ned" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    To Earn My Wings, April 3, 2005
    Ned “java_ned” (Eldersburg, Maryland United States) –

    Available for the first time the Complete First Season of Highway to Heaven. This set contains all 24 episodes on 7 disks. In addition there are outtakes and the documentary tribute, Michael Landon: Memories with Laughter and Love.

    Jonathan was sent to earth to bring love, harmony, and understanding to people undergoing problems. He had not yet earned his wings and would not do so until the “Powers Above” determined that he had fulfilled his mission.

    1 & 2) Highway to Heaven (Parts 1 & 2) – The pilot for the series. Jonathan destination is the Havencrest retirement home.

    3) To Touch the Moon – Jonathan helps a runaway boy and a widow.

    4) The Return of the Masked Rider – Jonathan and Mark take a job at a gym to help the owner’s grandson.

    5) Song of the Wild West – Jonathan and Mark set out to reunite a broken family.

    6 & 7) One Fresh Batch of Lemonade (Parts 1 & 2) – A local high school jock gets into a serious accident and has to have both of his legs amputated at the knees.

    8) A Divine Madness – A veterinary clinic is in jeopardy of being bulldozed.

    9) Catch a Falling Star – A movie start is a stranger to his own children.

    10) Help Wanted: Angel – Martin Lamm friend Joey advertises for an angel to help Martin get his script turned into a movie.

    11) Dust Child – A Vietnam veteran’s family and friends won’t accept his daughter.

    12) Hotel of Dreams – Jonathan and Mark work as hotel bellhops to help a rich kid find the meaning of life.

    13) Another Song for Christmas – Jonathan and Mark show a used-car dealer how his attitude affects the people around him.

    14) Plane Death – A friend of Mark’s is killed by a drug dealer.

    15) One Winged Angels – Jonathan falls in love with his assignment.

    16) Going Home, Going Home – Mark is injured in a car accident.

    17) As Difficult as ABC – Jonathan and Mark stop a gang from ruining an adult literacy program.

    18) A Child of God – Jonathan and Mark help a dying woman work things out with her father.

    19) A Match Made in Heaven – Scotty falls for Mark’s niece.

    20) The Banker and the Bum – Jonathan switches the minds of a banker and hobo, both part are played by Ned Beatty.

    21) The Brightest Star – Jonathan and Mark help a spoiled child.

    22) An Investment in Caring – Jonathan and Mark help a neighbor fight off a hostile buyout.

    23 The Right Thing – A boy’s grandfather is being put into a nursing home.

    24 & 25) Thoroughbreds (Parts 1 & 2) – A wealthy horse breeder’s son falls for the daughter of a hired hand.

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  2. L. J. Ouellette "ljoyce12" says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    These are edited episodes – I want the missing scenes!, May 27, 2005
    L. J. Ouellette “ljoyce12″ (Connecticut, USA) –

    “Highway to Heaven” is one of my all-time favorite television programs so I was pleased to learn about the DVD release of Season One. Michael Landon and Victor French shared a great friendship as Jonathan and Mark and their scenes together are priceless. It’s too bad that many of them have been cut from this collection as these are the syndicated episodes of “Highway to Heaven”.

    I have two of these episodes on old VHS tapes. When they aired on NBC-TV, the episode “Going Home, Going Home” was approximately two minutes longer than its DVD counterpart; “Another Song for Christmas” was approximately three minutes longer. Think about this: If each show is missing between two to three minutes and you multiply this by the season total of 24 episodes, you get the equivalent of one missing hour of programming! And for the most part, the scenes dropped are those memorable buddy moments between Jonathan and Mark.

    The syndicated episodes of “Highway to Heaven” closed with a tag for Genesis Entertainment. On the back cover of the DVD box is a logo for Genesis International. It would seem, presumably, that these are the same entity.

    All I can say regarding this DVD set is that I’m glad I kept my 20 year old VHS copies of “Highway to Heaven”. I have scenes that others will NEVER see and that’s unfortunate. Mr. Landon’s work was the best thing that ever happened to television and it should also be the best thing that ever happened to TV on DVD. Perhaps the powers that be will release a COMPLETE season two with a bonus feature containing all the missing scenes from season one. Now that’s a collection that would earn FIVE stars! I’ll be waiting for it!

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  3. John M Spangler says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    First Little House, then Highway To Heaven, Landon rocks., December 14, 2005
    John M Spangler (Bryan, OH United States) –

    If anyone can pull off being an Angel on television is Charles Ingalls, err, I mean Michael Landon. Charles Ingalls from Little House, or Johnothan Smith from Highway To Heaven. He was amazing in both roles, but I really like the thought of Landon being an Angel and Highway To Heaven is the way to go from that standpoint! Landon inspired us all as being being the most inspirational father (Charles Ingalls) on the beloved Little House on the Prairie series. But thankfully after the “New Beginning” aired, he decided to take his talents to his own show, Highway To Heaven. Make no mistake, this series rocks. Landon always seem to have a spirit that brings the heart home and mangages to tearjerk my girlfriend everytime he goes on-screen. Victor French along for the ride is just the icing on the cake for the series as the both of them seem to mesh as they did so well on Little House.

    Landon’s talents are endless as he proved for years. As he did with Little House, he wrote, produced, directed and of course acted throughout Highway to Heaven as playing an angel to help people. While some of the stories are a bit iffy, it strives with wonderful acting, tearjerks throughout and of course Landon is just fun to watch as being the perfect Angel sent down from heaven to help people cope with their problems. While I was still very young when this series started in the 80′s, I’m not aware of the edits and cuts they made for the DVD collection. But nonetheless, this is great stuff and Landon is the perfect Angel and I wish stuff like this was still on TV. This is something I want my kids to watch, and knowing this is Landon before he dies, it’s just that much more touching to the heart. Victor French also died shortly after the series which is a sad ending to the series in reality, but the stay was worth everything. I guarantee Michael is an Angel right now and I’m sure he’s doing wonderful deeds, because it’s just the kind of person he was, a caring, loving man who just wanted people to smile. No better way than getting Highway To Heaven season 1 and 2. Thank you Michael for your talents and your eternal ability to draw a tear to my eye. You will always be remembered! Must have DVD collection, don’t pass it up!

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