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Highway to Heaven (Season 1, Episode 5) ‘Song of the Wild West’ 1/5

‘Song of the Wild West’. Jonathan and Mark take jobs at a country-and-western bar and set about effecting the return of the establishment to the widow (Joan Kjar) of the original owner from the corrupt associate (Clifton James) who stole it. Meanwhile, they also must reunite fading country singer Patsy Maynard (Ronee Blakley) with her long-lost husband (Jerry Hardin) and daughter (Michele Greene).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Highway to Heaven (Season 1, Episode 5) ‘Song of the Wild West’ 1/5”

  1. rockondon says:

    @frutrot33 i miss little house and this show yer moms got good taste :)

  2. Scrumdidilyumpchious says:

    Love the girl who obviously is not playing the guitar…what an awful song.

  3. FABSTA78 says:

    @frutrot33 hahaha your mother is not the only one…

  4. lebbing64 says:

    0:18 Hey, sheriff J.W Pepper…….fine actor, great laughs.

  5. 9999timothy says:

    I like Highway TO Heaven

  6. pistwhiteboy says:

    I wonder how they get money? Does God pay them? Maybe they just always have money in their wallets.

  7. aeronuk1 says:

    @EyeWearMySunglasses No it was definitely highway to heaven

  8. EyeWearMySunglasses says:

    @aeronuk1 sure that wasnt an ABC afterschool special? lol

  9. Superbatfan says:

    He was one of a kind. I never really watched Bonanza but I loved Little House on the Prairie and Highway To Heaven. Another great but often overlooked actor who appeared with Michael Landon in both Little House and Highway To Heaven was Victor French (Mr. Edwards on Little House and Mark Gordon on Highway To Heaven). He was just an important player on both shows as Michael Landon was. Too bad he is no longer with us as well.

  10. Sammy0ify says:

    I loved Highway to Heaven, especially the intro song. I watched every episode.

  11. pollyaloy says:

    you can watch every episode on megavideo,the only problem is the dam 74 min time limit.

  12. brent995 says:

    Can anyone tell me where can i view the entire show

  13. Luinwe18 says:

    @CassieLopez hihi!

  14. WWAHP says:

    Michelle Greene, Is she the daughter of the late Loren Greene?

  15. CassieLopez says:

    @Luinwe18 Apparently Landon went gray very early in life, and colored his hair most of the time. Several times on talk shows he’d joke about just having had his roots done!

  16. Bestmanme08 says:

    Bonanza discussed in great new bio (Charlton Heston: An Incredible Life) at amazon!

  17. MaxHeimst says:

    I’m sure he did but on the other hand he always forgot to get a hair cut.

  18. Luinwe18 says:

    Hmm.. Did Landon color his hair? Cause his hair is not as grey as in the last seasons of Bonanza, and he looks sorta younger as well, But dadburnit ain’t he handsom!

  19. M0m3nt0M0r1 says:

    To those wondering, I’ve got mp3s of the songs in this ep which I’m going to put somewhere for download eventually

  20. CircleCityEric says:

    Does anybody know where there may be recordings of this episode’s songs?

  21. JeffTheNebraskaDJ says:

    I always loved this show. the dj

  22. TheBomba28 says:

    Mike Landon was an awesome person and actor even if I didn’t know him personally his shows always taught you something.

  23. monkee426 says:

    My Mom meat Michael Landon

  24. aeronuk1 says:

    What season/episode is the one about the fat girl who gets bullied, that one sticks in my mind after 20 yrs

  25. sunny1gir says:

    I miss MICHAEL LANDON he was sooo unigue.

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