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Highway to Heaven Bloopers

Here are some outtakes from the show Highway to Heaven, starring Michael Landon and Victor French. These are pretty funny…hope you like them. Enjoy!!
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25 Responses to “Highway to Heaven Bloopers”

  1. kimmie60673 says:

    lmao especially at 01:13

  2. kimmie60673 says:

    @CircleCityEric yeah he did

  3. cat0the0cat says:

    When Michael Landon’s eyebrows are moving then it’s definitely time for laughing XD
    (I can already imagine Michaels face and his eyebrows moving) :D

  4. TheGodParticle says:

    I’m in the wrong job…

  5. CircleCityEric says:

    @arqmikes “Is my patient ready?”

  6. flattrackmile says:

    @CircleCityEric — He definitely did…

  7. SolidMike84 says:

    “He’s dying…Ehehehe!” XD

  8. arqmikes says:

    “the exorcist” at 1:10

  9. CircleCityEric says:

    Dost my ears deceive me, but did Michael call Victor an “asshole” at 0:54 ?

  10. blobby1972 says:

    I hav’nt laught so hard in ages …….but it is late and I am tired.

  11. JuanMacready says:

    @lonelymikey55 Highway to Heaven was a piece of fucking CRAP.

  12. lonelymikey55 says:

    highway t heaven was another good show and clean for a family show, today most tv show says anything on them glad my sons are adults today they now what to watch and not watch now, tv has really got bad with ther laguange they use on the shows today

  13. TheOfficialJester says:

    Great clip mate, both guys were and still are legends.

  14. smokes2468 says:

    Oh the 80′s. Good Times.

  15. crazysingingchick says:

    I’m saving this to favorites. I am “famous” for making the face the Michael makes in the first scene. I did that face for a Splash Mountain picture!! I thought I was the only one who did that! LOL… I miss Michael Landon and his shows.

  16. Remin87 says:

    хуйня какая-то

  17. Ryback1991 says:

    at 1.25 you can see Michael Landon’s Shadow =p Take a look behind French’s head =D

  18. JuanMacready says:

    In fact he was going to die very soon.

  19. USCCHRIS0476 says:

    “She gonna die” He laughs lol

  20. anomaly189 says:

    sorry^^ I’m French !

  21. agent5m says:

    @anomaly189 it’s a “jewish actor” in actuality

  22. singerdancer07 says:

    1:10-1:15 is hilarious

  23. kyolover16 says:

    “I’m a Jewish actor.” “I can tell.” That’s hilarious!

  24. TheElephant79 says:

    LOL !

  25. looneywoman says:

    0:57 — “She’s gonna die!!!” What a scene to get cracked up! ROTFL…

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