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Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Red Faces, Act 2 “The Short Sisters”, 14th July 2010

Hey Hey It’s Saturday is a lengthy running variety television program on Australian tv. Red Faces is a segment in which 3 amateur performers or groups present their routine (which is typically singing, dancing, comedy or something utterly bizarre), prior to a panel of judges. On Wednesday 14th July 2010, this act featuring Melbourne’s “Dwarfsome” won 1st prize.
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25 Responses to “Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Red Faces, Act 2 “The Short Sisters”, 14th July 2010”

  1. LunaaaSelinaay566 says:


  2. Dwarfsome says:

    @fromkellytowilliams We’re entertainers. We perform, dance, do character work and a whole lot more. Nothing to do with our sexuality mate. And yes, we won a lot of money and I launched a new business venture from it so it was definitely worth it. Thanks

  3. fromkellytowilliams says:

    i hope this was for alot of money why are these men dressed like girls they dont look gay

  4. SebbeSucksBawlz says:

    LMAOOOOOO I’m stoned and this shit is hilarious.

  5. Dwarfsome says:

    @MissAllie1999 Fair enough, cheers for clearing that up.

  6. MissAllie1999 says:

    @Dwarfsome NO NO sorry i was just getting annoyed by some guy who was hating on u guys! sorry if you tookit up the wrong way. u guys rock

  7. Dwarfsome says:

    @MissAllie1999 Really? Sluts? Do you even get the concept and the idea behind this performance? I feel sorry for you if that’s how you see this clip…

  8. Dwarfsome says:

    @MissAllie1999 The front guy (me) was and always will be, great! The two in the back, are my back up dancers. They’re good, they’re my boys.

  9. Tracylee1972 says:


    Especially you BLAKE <3 <3 <3

  10. spurrier12 says:

    @MissAllie1999 i do try oh so hard

  11. mistafrodo says:

    @iEpicNikki lol send it to him!!

  12. verziehen says:

    @PR0GRAMMING You totally missed Harry Connick’s Jr point of view. His career was fasing fast so he jumped at the chance to be controversial and get notoriety. When he painted his face that was OK. I have been eagerly awaiting his new hit single “I am the hypocrite that can only sing covers of other people’s songs”. I love the US habit of putting Junior after one’s name when no one has ever heard of the Senior. Bloody pathetic!

  13. SirKyrness says:

    Red – We don’t have a show! *holds up a 9*

  14. juddster85 says:

    staunch buggas !!! what champions

  15. Dwarfsome says:

    @mjenkins88 Sure.
    A dwarf (or dwarfism) is short stature resulting from a particular medical condition. The body is disproportionate, so the arms and legs will be small but the torso and head will be normal size. There are over 200 different types of dwarfism.
    A midget is a term used for a short individual, and is someone who is short but in proportion. Head, body, torso, arms and legs are all in proportion to one another.

  16. mjenkins88 says:

    Dwarfsome please do tell what is the difference between a dwarf and midget???
    Totally meaning to offend.

  17. Stranger941 says:

    We represent the… Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild!

  18. LeonBradleyAUS says:

    As disturbing as this one was i was PMSL at this one!

  19. Dwarfsome says:

    @Mrpinkkbubbles1 – I’m one of those performers in the above video. The term is dwarf, not midget. There’s a difference if you care to educate yourself.

  20. babiezmami says:

    @Mrpinkkbubbles1 People like you piss me off !!!!! Because they are shorter you have to go and make fun , I pitty you , what a discusting excuse for a human you are

  21. deepwater76 says:

    excellent! fun fun fun, big
    act for little dudes!!!

  22. deepwater76 says:

    excellent! fun fun fun, big act for little dudes!!!

  23. picapo1617 says:

    only the best

  24. iEpicNikki says:

    i need me a dancing midget in a black leotard :D raywilliamjohnson needs to go this

  25. Mrpinkkbubbles1 says:

    1 word : MIDGET!

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