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Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Plucka-Duck

Compilation of plucka segments
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25 Responses to “Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Plucka-Duck”

  1. fishtippy says:

    He was so bloody funny…………..miss ya plucka

  2. pluckaduck1111 says:

    @kozmocramer24 There has been two guys Mark McGahan from 1989 to 1998 then Simon Lefebvre for 1999 and 2009 and 2010 to answer your question

  3. AnnieDelico1 says:

    LOVE you Plucka Duck !!! Miss the simplicity of the Hey Hey years (esp. the eighties). You were the highlight of a Saturday night for me (when I wasn’t out raging). Miss my Plucka Duck toy too.

  4. pandaeyes42 says:

    Duck Amuck!

  5. chubs54 says:

    iv’e always wondered if the lords london part was real

  6. Cakerolled says:

    My mission to punch that duck

  7. o2Ke says:

    All right <|: D

  8. youngfreak32 says:

    @davidlee1963 it is now!!!!!!

  9. tf2iscoolasoplayit says:

    the show should of been called the plucka hour…that would make this little aussie happy =D

  10. withluvAngiexo says:

    It’s back!!

  11. Hell6125 says:

    who’s the guy that Plucka Duck trying to cross body him?

  12. kozmocramer24 says:

    i wonder if its always bein the same guy that dose plucka or has it bein all kinds of people doin it

  13. jamespssmith says:

    love the bit where he sneaks into Lords. roflmao

  14. Cinesound01 says:

    ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know that Plucka will cause 120% more damage than before so watch your screens!!

  15. pandaeyes42 says:

    Duck Amuck!

  16. POPitsEMMA says:

    Plucka you sure are a great duck (: all I remember from Hey hey it’s saturday is that plucka duck. He is great!

  17. tenderheart17 says:

    Pluck a duck, pluck a duck,
    Not a chicken, or a cow,
    There’s Plucka, that’s him right now…

  18. davidlee1963 says:

    Please bring the show back

  19. margyoseven says:

    1:30 – Plucka getting into Lords is a classic – the most memorable Plucka moment for me!

  20. jewelsjack says:

    Wasnt the reunion awesome….the whole gang just gelled again like it was yesterday. Bring it back full time I say !!

  21. luvinjasper says:

    and,who is the person in that suit?

  22. luvinjasper says:

    i was really little and im lucky that i remember anything from hey hey, all i remember is that awesome plucka duck XD

  23. TARH8R says:

    hahaha rippa, i got all his feathers so awsome

  24. sashlab4u says:

    hi ozzieboy007 you may know already but the show is coming back for two shows and if it rates well it will come back full time! the two shows are on wednesday night the 30th september 2009 and wednesday 7th october 2009 live on channel 9 from 7.30pm

  25. NiftyTopaz says:

    lol i love plucka duck

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