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Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Blackface Incident with Harry Connick Jr – Here’s the skit that caused an uproar in the media in Australia and supposedly around the world. A parody tribute to the Jackson Five by a group of specialist doctors (who performed the exact same act 20 years ago as medical students)that was supposedly racist. When you contemplate that 1 was Lebanese and two were Indian, it’s difficult to claim one more example of white racism. I believe Harry should lighten up a bit in fact, as totally no malice was ever intended. Enjoy this with an open mind. I feel the act sucked huge time, but it positive wasn’t what I would call racist. The dictionary defines racism as “the prejudiced view of 1 race’s superiority over one more”, which this didn’t show at all…(.I guess HCJ forgot all about movies such as “White Chicks” (really funny!!), Soul Man, White Men Cannot Jump (talk about a racial stereotype!))

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25 Responses to “Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Blackface Incident with Harry Connick Jr”

  1. AbeerSh15 says:

    well, that wasn’t that racist but you can’t blame him! he has to speak up for his opinion and stop racism in any way he can!

  2. TheFlyingSwede says:

    What a bunch of retards.

  3. creolefreak22 says:

    Not racist. Retarded? Yes. Hateful? Nahhh!

  4. snakesonaplane114 says:

    Why we are on this particular mission, we’ll never know. But I do know, here today, that the Black Knights will emerge vic-torious once again.

  5. juicyz0z0 says:

    @cantibot <3 reddit

  6. fiveMIRrOrs says:

    @slicydicer Assuming that racism here is defined as biased racism, the kind that leans towards faworing of certain race, riddle me this then: Is “Some Like It Hot” a misogynic film?

  7. cantibot says:

    What the fuck, I never leave comments but this is straight fucking retarded.

    Ok, the dudes are wearing black face, and the dude playing Michel is wearing White face too if you look close enough. The show had that huge gong that said red face on it. I don’t fucking get it, maybe they were just trying to get into character. This is obviously not recorded in America so maybe they just don’t suffer from some of our stupid stigmas. I’ve seen more offensive/weird shit out of japan lol.

  8. billyk234 says:

    A lot less offensive and racist than an average episode of South Park. The group was making a joke on Jackson 5, not black Americans.

  9. DoctorBohr says:

    Do Americans realise that other coutries arent America? Australia, despite many racist sins, did not grow up on SLAVERY. This was just a tastless joke done by silly Aussie blokes about a bunch of celebrities. Talk about a lack of cultural sensitivity on the part of Connick Jr. to plaster US vales all over our country and to act like the moral saviour of the world.

    What a farce.

  10. blkchk says:

    @bmbenblog Yeah I have to agree. I have travelled and understand humor is different in different countries but I found this offensive.

  11. flippingmyhairback2 says:

    GOOD JOB HARRY CONNICK!!.. show this racist fool what is acceptable and not..!!

  12. rainbowredrobin says:

    Al jolson

  13. bellaITALIA312 says:

    this is complete bullshit!! i hate harry connick jr for saying what he did!! no one else saw it as racist and the act wasnt even intended for that!! it was not a racist act and the only reason the world now thinks it is is because some stupid man decided i think it is!! if he wasnt a judge for it that night, no one would think anything of it.. i used to like harry connick jr but now i cant even stand to watch him in anything. seriously get over this NOT racist act you over-sensitive douche

  14. SuperBenzid says:

    I think blackface is only acceptable as a form of historical renactment of early music.

  15. evilblackspider says:

    Tribute with a tinge of humour? Mockery of the Jackson Five? Racially insensitive toward African Americans? There are different contexts at play here and Australia IS on the other side of the world from the US. The 20-years-before Jackson Jive performance looks a little more over-the-top than the recent one. There’s a tendency for more craziness in Australian humour, with no reason to tame it…unlike in the US. Things using blackface aren’t inherently evil in Australia, for example.

  16. evilblackspider says:

    The audience DID boo the performance, overall.

  17. smegmatrap says:

    red really wanted to give a 10.

  18. drtyfknmouth says:

    @JessSuxBoloz Thanks.

  19. JessSuxBoloz says:

    @drtyfknmouth You I respect!

  20. slicydicer says:

    You can’t blame him for speaking up, if he didn’t he’d be seen as supporting racism. Blackface is racist as fuck no matter where you live.

  21. wilson69r says:

    this was only made a big deal coz of harry conick jr 2 years before this the chaser did a near identical thing where they went blackface as the jackson 5 and did a political parody of ABC and coz no easily offended america was on it no one cared people dont have a mind of their own any more if america thinks its offensive evryone has to think its offensive this was funny and americans(not all but alot) need to grow a sense of humor

  22. drtyfknmouth says:

    @JessSuxBoloz This whole racism witch hunt we have here in America is so out of hand, it’s ridiculous. People really DON’T know what racism is anymore, because in the last 20 years, it’s changed almost daily. If you’re black, EVERYTHING is racist towards you, if you’re white, you can’t complain about anything being racially biased. I’m not sure Nazi Germany had this much of a problem getting over it, & we’ve had about 3 times as long to get it together! I wish I knew how to make it go away.

  23. drtyfknmouth says:

    @VoteObamaBiden08 I’m an American, & I just want to say that not all Americans live by the double standard version of “freedom of speech”. You hit the nail right on the head with your comment! I’m VERY proud to be from America, but things like this are what embarrass me about our country. I’m certainly not a self loather, I defend our country/people to the very end, but all this bullshit over this skit is stupid & wrong. Have your fun & ignore the idiot’s voices here about it. Cheers to you!

  24. drtyfknmouth says:

    Thanks, Harry. Thanks for accepting the apology of Australians for all the oppressed black people in the United States. “We’ve spent so much time trying to NOT make black people look like buffoons…”. Well why can’t BLACK people in the states spend as much time trying to do the same thing? I live there. They don’t fucking care unless they think it’ll benefit them in some way. It’s ALWAYS the white man’s fault. America, where double standard IS the standard. Get the fuck over it, black America!

  25. shaqfu888 says:

    Thumbs down for the skit, thumbs up for Harry’s response.

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