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Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Blackface Incident with Harry Connick Jr – Here’s the skit that caused an uproar in the media in Australia and supposedly around the world. A parody tribute to the Jackson Five by a group of specialist doctors (who performed the same act 20 years ago as medical students)that was supposedly racist. When you consider that one was Lebanese and two were Indian, it’s hard to claim another example of white racism. I think Harry should lighten up a bit actually, as absolutely no malice was ever intended. Enjoy this with an open mind. I think the act sucked big time, but it sure wasn’t what I would call racist. The dictionary defines racism as “the prejudiced view of one race’s superiority over another”, which this didn’t show at all…(.I guess HCJ forgot all about movies such as “White Chicks” (really funny!!), Soul Man, White Men Can’t Jump (talk about a racial stereotype!))
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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