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Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)

Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)

The legendary queen of television comedy, Lucille Ball, is joined by her real-life children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz JR., in her third long-running sitcom success. Ball p

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  1. Terry Richard says:

    Review by Terry Richard for Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
    By the time “Here’s Lucy” rolled into its third season in the fall of 1970 on CBS, many of Lucille Ball’s contemporaries were slowly fading from the television landscape. Stars like Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, Eddie Albert, and the clan on the “Beverly Hillbillies” were facing retirement as the networks thought the public became tired of seeing these stars week after week. Such was certainly not the case with Lucy. “Here’s Lucy” finished its third season as the third highest rated series on network TV and came in as the #1 show on CBS. A lot of this was because by the third season the audience became accustomed to the premise of the series with Lucille acting with her real-life children. The fact too that nearly every big Hollywood star wanted to be on “Here’s Lucy” surely helped with the show’s ratings. Without a doubt the most popular episode in the series’ history is the season opener that debut on September, 14, 1970 entitled “Lucy Meets The Burtons” in which Lucy has none other than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as guest stars. In that episode Lucy mistakingly puts a ring on her finger owned by Liz and can’t get it off. Other guest stars that year included Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, and Rudy Vallee. The final two episodes were also filmed in beautiful Hawaii for a two-parter. This DVD set includes all 24 episodes restored from their original master tapes. There is a wealth of bonus material in this four DVD boxset including new episode introductions by Lucy’s kids Lucie and Desie Arnaz Jr.; a rare interview with Vivian Vance; syndication promos; Lucy blooper reel; Lucy’s home movies from Hawaii; behind the scenes clips; and much more. The set drops in stores on June 15th, 2010. MPI, the studio releasing the “Here’s Lucy” DVD’s, has stated that it is dedicated in releasing all “Here’s Lucy” seasons so don’t be shy in purchasing these sets with the fear that future sets will not be released. Three more seasons and all 144 “Here’s Lucy” episodes will be available on DVD for posterity for future generations to enjoy.

    The following are Season 3′s episodes along with their airdates:

    1. Lucy Meets The Burtons (Sept. 14, 1970)

    2. Lucy the Skydiver (Sept. 21, 1970)

    3. Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr. (Sept. 28, 1970)

    4. Lucy and the Drum Contest (Oct. 5, 1970)

    5. Luct the Crusader (Oct. 12, 1970)

    6. Lucy the Coed (Oct. 19, 1970)

    7. Lucy the American Mother (Oct. 26, 1970)

    8. Lucy’s Wedding (Nov.2, 1970)

    9. Lucy Cuts Vincent’s Price (Nov. 9, 1970)

    10. Lucy the Diamond Cutter (Nov. 16, 1970)

    11. Lucy and Jack Benny’s Biography (Nov. 23, 1970)

    12. Lucy and Rudy Vallee (Nov. 30, 1970)

    13. Lucy Loses Her Cool (Dec. 7, 1970)

    14. Lucy: Part-Time Wife (Dec. 14, 1970)

    15. Lucy and Ma Parker (Dec. 21, 1970)

    16. Lucy Stops A Marriage (Dec. 28, 1970)

    17. Lucy’s Vacation (Jan. 4, 1971)

    18. Lucy and the 20-20 Vision (Jan. 11, 1971)

    19. Lucy and The Raffle (Jan. 18, 1971)

    20. Lucy’s Houseguest, Harry (Jan. 25, 1971)

    21. Lucy and Aladdin’s Lamp (Feb. 1, 1971)

    22. Lucy and Carol Burnett (Feb. 8, 1971)

    23. Lucy’s Hawaiian Vacation Part 1 (Feb. 15, 1971)

    24. Lucy’s Hawaiian Vacation Part 2 (Feb. 21, 1971)

  2. Tante Maren says:

    Review by Tante Maren for Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
    Here’s Lucy Season 3 will be available for purchase on June 15,2010! MPI Home Video has done an absolutely fantastic job of making beautifully restored, great prints of these old shows available on dvd with fantastic bonus material! This is another great season of Here’s Lucy, beginning with the highest rated show of the series, Lucy Meets The Burtons. Richard Burton is wonderful in this show, especially when he speaks a line from his native Welsh language, in response to Lucy asking him if he’s English. Lucy steals the show at the end when she has to use her hand with Elizabeth’s ring still on it, as Elizabeth’s hand. You can’t stop laughing at Lucy’s comedic genius!

    There are so many guest appearances in this season by Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Gary Morton, Buddy Hackett, Joe Jackson Jr., Buddy Rich, Charles Nelson Reilly, Marilyn Maxwell, Vincent Price, Wally Cox, Jack Benny, George Burns, Rudy Vallee, Art Linkletter, Jayne Meadows, Carol Burnett, Robert Alda (Alan Alda’s father) and the beloved Vivian Vance in the last two shows.

    As if the great comedy and great guest stars aren’t enough, the musical numbers throughout the shows are absolutely fantastic this season! You can’t believe Lucy is dancing with this much energy at age 59, and her children are unbelievably talented as well! In Lucy And Carol Burnett, the cast really outdo themselves singing and dancing. Carol Burnett imitates Jeanette MacDonald and Ruby Keeler and Lucy imitates Marlene Dietrich to a tee! Daughter Lucie dances like Bo Jangles Robinson and the whole group does a fantastic Hooray For Hollywood and Singing In The Rain. You can see Lucy’s talent started as a dancer way before she got into comedy, in this season, and it certainly was inherited by her children! And the fantastic dancing doesn’t stop here! In Lucy’s Wedding Party, Lucy dances with all the Greek men at the wedding, and I get tired just watching her move that fast! The finale of this season 3 is a two part show called Lucy’s Hawaiian Vacation. The cast never actually went to Hawaii, as they never got off the cruise ship, and once again the finale of an unbelievable Hawaiian dancing and singing show, put on by Lucy, is just fantastic! Vivian Vance is her guest star along with Robert Alda, who is Alan Alda’s father. I have seen Robert Alda in dozens of television shows, but never knew his name and never knew he was Alan Alda’s father! He plays the ship’s captain who both Vivian and Lucy try very hard to get his attention.

    This season 3 has everything- great guest stars, great comedy, great musical entertainment and even finishes with Vivian Vance co-starring with Lucy in the great Hawaiian Cruise! This is the last season for Desi Arnaz Jr. to be making regular appearances. With this Season 3, we are half way there of owning the entire Here’s Lucy Series- only 3 more to go to have the complete 6 seasons. MPI has also been doing a fantastic job of restoring and releasing Lucy’s rare television specials on dvd, along with these wonderful Here’s Lucy shows.

    I have been keeping in contact with CBS and The Lucy Show Season 2 has been pushed further ahead to a release date of July 13, 2010 and The Lucy Show Season 3 will be released on October 12, 2010. CBS is again making perfect, pristine copies with more unbelievable bonus extra’s! Between MPI and CBS, I’m truly in Lucy heaven!


    01. (09-14-1970) LUCY MEETS THE BURTONS- Lucy couldn’t resist trying on Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring Richard Burton left in the office rest room, but when she can’t remove it from her finger, the comedy and chaos begin. (Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor guest star)

    02. (09-21-1970) LUCY, THE SKYDIVER- Harry thinks up a great way to get free advertising for the employment agency, by talking Lucy into skydiving.

    03. (09-28-1970) LUCY AMD SAMMY DAVIS JR.- Lucy accidentally hits Sammy Davis Jr. in the nose when she opens a door and Sammy threatens to sue the employment agency if his nose changes and ruins his appearance for the movie he’s making. (Gary Morton, Buddy Hackett, Joe Jackson Jr. and the great Sammy Davis Jr. guest star)

    04. (10-05-1970) LUCY AND THE DRUM CONTEST- Craig gets inspired to enter a drum contest, after getting private lessons from Buddy Rich. (Buddy Rich guest stars)

    05.(10-12-19/70) LUCY, THE CRUSADER- When Lucy tries to return a defective record player to the store, the store refuses to take it back, which motivates Lucy to start a consumer advocate group. (Charles Nelson Reilly guest stars)

    06. (10-19-1970) LUCY, THE CO-ED- Lucy, Craig and Kim help Uncle Harry put on a Roaring 20′s musical variety show for his class re-union. (Marilyn Maxwell guest stars)

    07. (10-26-1970) LUCY, THE AMERICAN MOTHER- Craig films a documentary about, A Day In The Life Of My Mother, making everyone extremely self-conscious.

    08. (11-02-1970) LUCY’S WEDDING PARTY- Lucy holds a wedding for a Greek couple at Harry’s house, while he’s away.

    09. (11-09-1970) LUCY CUTS VINCENT’S PRICE- Vincent Price mistakes Lucy for an actress auditioning for a part in his latest horror film, when she wants him to appraise a painting she bought at an auction. (Vincent Price guest stars)

    10.(11-16-19/70) LUCY, THE DIAMOND CUTTER- Harry hires a diamond cutter to cut a diamond for a wealthy older client, who wants the diamond’s curse removed, and it’s Lucy’s job to help keep the diamond cutter calm to make the perfect cut. (Wally Cox guest stars)

    11. (11-23-1970) LUCY AND JACK BENNY’S BIOGRAPHY- Lucy gets the interesting job to write the notes Jack Benny dictates to her about the women in his life, so he can write his autobiography. (Jack Benny and George Burns guest star)

    12. (11-30-1970) LUCY AND RUDY VALLEE- Lucy helps Rudy Vallee make a musical comeback with the help of her children Kim and Craig adding some modern rock and roll into Rudy’s music. (Rudy Vallee guest stars)

    13. (12-07-1970) LUCY LOSES HER COOL- Lucy is offered $500.00 from The Art Linkletter Show if she can keep cool and not lose her temper for 24 hours, but little does she know that her family and friends have been offered $250.00 to make her lose her temper. (Art Linkletter guest stars)

    14. (12-14-1970) LUCY, PART TIME WIFE- When a former old girlfriend of Harry’s pops back into his life with the idea of marriage, Harry gets Lucy to pose as his pregnant wife.

    15. (12-21-1970) LUCY AND MA PARKER- The authorities ask Lucy to pose as female gang leader Ma Parker, so they can nab a counterfeit gang that’s living next door to her that appears to be a mother and her 2 children, but are actually 2 little men and a woman.

    16. (12-28-1970) LUCY STOPS A MARRIAGE- Lucy mistakenly thinks Harry wants to marry a wealthy woman just for her money and tries to stop the union. (Jayne Meadows guest stars)

    17. (01-04-1971) LUCY’S VACATION- The only way Lucy can go on vacation with Kim to Palm Springs is to get Harry to fire her since he won’t give her the time off.

    18. (01-12-1971) LUCY AND THE 20/20 VISION- Lucy wants to have a long 4 day weekend with her children in Mexico, so she tries to get Harry to get his eyes checked for glasses, because she thinks his bad moods are a direct result of headaches from bad vision.

    19. (01-18-1971) LUCY AND THE RAFFLE- Kim wins a sports car in a raffle, but when Lucy finds out she doesn’t have the tax money they need to pay to keep it, Lucy runs her own raffle to get rid of it and pay the taxes, only the feds find out and Harry, Lucy and Kim are in real trouble for illegal gambling.

    20. (01-25-1971) LUCY’S HOUSE GUEST, HARRY- While Harry’s house is being re-decorated, Harry moves in with Lucy, driving her family crazy until Lucy decides to drive him out with a goat and a marching band.

    21. (02-01-1971) LUCY AND ALADDIN’S LAMP- Lucy finds a very old lamp, which unbelievably grants wishes to everyone who uses it.

    22. (02-08-1971) LUCY AND CAROL BURNETT- After Lucy and Carol both lose their jobs, they put on a show called, The Hollywood Unemployment Follies. (Carol Burnett and Jack Benny guest star in one really fantastic show)

    23. (02-15-1971) LUCY’S HAWAIIAN VACATION-PART ONE- Lucy wants to go to Hawaii so bad, she gets a job as a social director on a Hawaiian Cruise Ship and to make things perfect, she talks Harry into paying for tickets for her children to join her on the ship. (Vivian Vance and Robert Alda (father of Alan Alda) guest star)

    24. (02-21-1971) LUCY’S HAWAIIAN VACATION-PART TWO- Lucy causes chaos on board the cruise ship bound for Hawaii, but makes up for it by putting on a fantastic Hawaiian Show. (Vivian Vance, Robert Alda (Alan’s father) and Johnny Ukelele guest star)

    Included in Season 3 are the following fantastic SPECIAL FEATURES:

    EPISODE INTRODUCTIONS- by Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. (As in previous seasons, you have the option to play or not play the intros before each episode.)

    FEATURETTE:LUCY MEETS THE BURTONS:A COMEDIC GEM- Wonderful stories about Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and THE CARTIER 69 Carat Diamond Ring told by so many great people involved in this great episode!

    LETS TALK TO LUCY:LOST INTERVIEW WITH DORIS DAY- From March 22,1965, Lucy talks with Doris Day on Lucy’s radio show, about Doris’ newest film DO NOT DISTURB.

    MAKE ROOM FOR GRANDDADDY EPISODE FEATURING LUCY- The entire 30 minute show from January 21,1971, starring Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Angela Cartwright and Lucy Carter! (Also has a St.Jude ad with Marlo Thomas.)

    LUCY WITH JACK BENNY- From 1971, the rarest EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT JACK BENNY BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK- Features Jack Benny, Lucy with John Wayne and George Burns.

    LIP SINC LUCY- Carole Cook talks about how she would sing for Lucy in some of the shows. One part of the rare JACK BENNY’S BIRTHDAY SPECIAL is shown from February 17,1969 on NBC, where Lucy “sings” Big Spender. Carole Cook may be doing the singing, but Lucy’s dancing is beyond superb!

    LUCIE AND DESI JR. WITH ROBERT YOUNG- From 1970, the rare KRAFT MUSIC HALL PRESENTS ROBERT YOUNG, stars a 30 minute show with Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. (A darling modern special just like a Father Knows Best episode!)

    LUCIE COMMERCIAL- Pepsodent commercial.

    TREASURES FROM LUCY’S VAULT- Art Linkletter’s House Party with a little Desi Jr. from about Christmas 1958!; HOME MOVIES: ON THE SET- rehearsal footage with Jack Benny and Sammy Davis Jr.; ALOHA LUCY- home movies from 1957 with Lucy, Desi, Vivian Vance, Lucie, Desi Jr. and their nanny; GOOFY GOLF- 1960′s Palm Springs Golf with Lucy, Gary Morton, Jack Benny and Bob Hope.


    SERIES PRODUCTION FILES- Wanda Clark, Lucy’s personal secretary shares intersesting facts on 5 of the episodes.

    SYNDICATION PROMOS- Promos on the season 3 episodes.

    ORIGINAL BILLBOARDS- features Close Up toothpaste and Wisk.

    MPI gets my HIGHEST PRAISE for including such a wealth of unbelievable RARE and NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage!! THANK YOU MPI FOR ALL THESE PRICELESS TREASURES!!

  3. R. M. Telesca says:

    Review by R. M. Telesca for Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
    In my opinion “Here’s Lucy” season 3 has some of the best episodes in the serie’s history. Here’s Lucy was the third highest rated series during the 1970-71 season ranking no. 3 with a 26.1 rating. This was the year that Lucy finally topped “Laugh-In” (which had fallen from no. 1 to no. 15; although while competing against “Laugh-In”, “Here’s Lucy” never fell out of the top ten shows. Season 3 of “Here’s Lucy” also was CBS-TV’s no. 1 rated series. The most memorable episode of season three was “Lucy Meets the Burtons” which premiered in September of 1970 and was the no. 1 show for the week and had a whopping 53% share of the television audience. This episode garnered two Emmy Award nominations; one for writer’s Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn Davis for Best Writing In A Comedy Series “Lucy Meets the Burtons” and one for Gale Gordon as Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series. However, I don’t understand how the television academy overlooked Lucille Ball as Best Actress In A Leading Role In A Comedy Series, Best Comedy Series and Jerry Paris for directing the Burton/Taylor episode. I guess they passed over Lucy because up to that time she had already won four Emmys and had 13 nominations and since comedy was changing nominations went to Mary Tyler Moore and Jean Stapleton. This was the year Lucy should have won Emmy number five. There were so many great episodes: Lucy’s Wedding, Lucy: Part-time Wife, Lucy and Jack Benny’s Biography, Lucy All American Mother, Lucy The Crusader, Lucy and Carol Burnett and the two part Hawaiian episodes with Vivian Vance. Again, there is only one Lucy and in season three she really shines and is in top form. I applaud MPI for doing such a great job on this series that has been overlooked by many. I can’t wait for the release of season four which opened with Lucy and Flip Wilson (another classic episode).

  4. Bean says:

    Review by Bean for Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
    Here’s Lucy ran for 6 seasons, each of 24 episodes, from September 1968 to March 1974. I hadn’t seen it for 30 years until a few months ago when it was re-aired on my local TV station. I enjoyed it very much, but after two weeks I noticed that the total program air time dropped from about 24 minutes 20 seconds to less than 22 minutes overnight. I realized that the station was cutting over 2 minutes from the episodes after that. So I immediately reacted and ordered the first 3 seasons DVD sets.

    I then discovered after comparison to the recorded versions I made from the TV, that the TV station had not only made the cuts, but had also speeded up the program by 3 seconds a minute so that they could reduce the overall air time further, by over a minute. Playing the DVD’s revealed that the original episodes ran for 25.5 minutes! No wonder so many people are buying TV show DVD’s after seeing commercial TV’s butchering of original content, and the on-screen intrusions. This should not happen to classic works of art. (TV stations are in fact advertising companies, with an insatiable desire to speed you to the next group of commercials.)

    I was delighted to get the DVD’s, as they were very good quality sound and picture, and each episode setting was a visual delight. They had informative introductions to every episode and had about 2 hours of extras per season.

    This is classic TV at its best – very warm, entertaining and funny with good sound and live music, with many famous guest stars of the time. This has to be one of the best additions to my DVD library. I hope that it won’t be long before seasons 4-6 are released.

  5. trebe says:

    Review by trebe for Here’s Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
    With more consistent writing, and an impressive list of guest stars, the third season of Here’s Lucy (1970-71), is probably the most entertaining of the first three seasons of the comedy, featuring the legendary Lucille Ball. Co-starring is the marvelous Gale Gordon, along with Lucy’s children Lucie Arnaz , and Desi Arnaz Jr.

    In the previous two seasons, the program had achieved a reputation, for featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment as guest stars. Those who almost never made guest appearances on television, made an exception for Lucy, as episodes were specifically tailored to suit their particular persona. Season three opened with the biggest pair of stars yet, with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Burton impersonates a plumber to escape his adoring fans, and winds up at Lucy’s office repairing a sink. Somehow Lucy gets Elizabeth Taylor’s massive diamond ring stuck on her finger, leading to a hilarious ploy to deceive the press. Taylor’s comic timing is marvelous, in what was the highest rated episode in the history of series.

    The parade of heavyweight stars continues, with the master of horror Vincent Price terrifying Lucy, who actually believes he is a homicidal fiend. Lucy injures Sammy Davis Jr.’s nose, and then disrupts the production of the versatile entertainer’s movie. Prepared to write his memoirs, Jack Benny returns again. In his third appearance, Wally Cox is a diamond cutter who a suffers series of mishaps, that has him repeatedly bouncing in pain on Lucy’s couch. Lucy’s close friend Carol Burnett, also returns to Here’s Lucy for a third time, in an episode which features a grandiose variety show, a Jack Benny cameo, and Carol planting a ferocious kiss on Harry.

    With other career options opening up, Desi Arnaz Jr.’s time as Craig was drawing to a close. Buddy Rich, is spotlighted in an episode where the legendary hard pounding drummer, is featured giving Craig some pointers on the fine art of hitting the skins. Another great episode features Craig and Harry turning voyeur, filming Lucy and Kim in their daily activities, finishing boisterously at the local library.

    Extremely goofy, but still kind of fun, “Lucy The Coed” features the season’s big musical production number based on college life. There’s plenty of great stuff featuring Lucy and the kids tormenting Uncle Harry, as in “Lucy & The 20-20 Vision”, when they try to convince him that he is having vision problems. In “Lucy Stops A Marriage”, the gang mistakenly believes that Harry is getting married to guest star Jayne Meadows, and set about ruining his reputation. Harry extracts some major revenge, in an episode when he becomes the houseguest from hell, totally disrupting Lucy and Kim’s lives.

    Vivian Vance, Lucy’s longtime co-star on I Love Lucy (1951-57), and The Lucy Show (1962-1968) returns for more comic mayhem in a two part adventure set aboard a cruise ship bound for Hawaii. With Lucille serving as the assistant cruise director, there’s plenty of singing and hula dancing aboard the ship, including Harry prancing in a muumuu, and a great solo dance performance by Kim.

    While some of the humor is timeless, because of the heavy emphasis on celebrities, having some familiarity with the various guest stars is essential to understanding the humor on Here’s Lucy. For instance, if you aren’t aware who Rudy Vallee was, odds are the episode featuring the megaphone using singer, won’t make a lot of sense. Because of this factor, the series may not play too well to today’s audiences, but for those of a certain age, the program is pure gold for entertainment nostalgia. Of the three seasons available so far, this is definitely the one to get first.

    Each of the 24 episodes is close captioned, and features an introduction by someone involved in the production of that particular episode. There are more extras than ever before, including a fascinating featurette on the Burton/Taylor appearance, vintage home movies, an excerpt from Lucy’s radio program featuring Doris Day, and an appearance with an amorous Jack Benny. Also included is a hilarious episode of Make Room For Granddaddy from 1971, starring Danny Thomas and featuring Lucy Carter. As intended by Lucie and Desi Jr., these extremely high quality DVD sets, pay a fitting and fabulous homage to their beloved mother. For a little perspective on the passage of time, it is interestingly to note that in 2010, Lucie Arnaz is now approximately the same age as her mother in this season. At 59, Lucille Ball is in great shape physically, and has not lost at step on the dance floor. Reflecting the show’s comedic muscle, Here’s Lucy finished the 1970-71 season at #3 in the Nielsen’s.

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