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Here Comes The Brides Opening Theme

Opening theme song from the 1950s comedy known as Here Comes The Brides

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  1. MrTrailltrader says:

    Uh, it wasn’t the 1950′s it was about 1968 or so. It wasn’t a comedy in the traditional sense- it was an idealized reflection of how Seattle was supposedly inhabited.

    I suggest you read the book “Sons of the Profits” for the true history of Seattle

  2. doughesson says:

    @LovingScrubbies It wasn’t until I caught the opening minutes of the show on Antenna TV that I realized why I kept hearing Stemple shout,”Spare me your human platitudes,Kirk!” in my head.

  3. Dietpepsivanilla says:

    Two redheads I loved in the 60s. Tina Louise and Bridget Hanley.

  4. Gnillob802 says:

    HERE COMES THE BRIDES ran from 1968 to 1970, it was not a “1950′s comedy”.

  5. LovingScrubbies says:

    Me too. It had romance for the little girls and fist fights for the little boys, and it was real creative the way they combined the pioneer past with a modern hip youth thing.
    To me not it is amazing how brief a time it was actually on the air.

  6. LovingScrubbies says:

    I remember the very same thing. It was a game they played on the playground.
    Groups of little girls would target a boy and run after him yelling “Bobby Sherman! Bobby Sherman!” Shortly after HCTB, ABC tried to use BS in a spin-off of Partridge Family called Gettin’ Together.

  7. LovingScrubbies says:

    Holy crap, A Star TrekHere Come the Brides crossover?!?!?
    I never heard of that. I will have to check that out!

  8. LovingScrubbies says:

    LOL I remember seeing her on talk shows when I was little.
    She was a funny character. A joyful personality

  9. republicansrule says:

    it was 1970′s

  10. Mr76Yearsago says:

    @lasbagman1 I wish i could remember that. Susan was on Merv Griffin once as a guest.. and stole the show.

  11. lechatboote says:

    It wasn’t 50′s it was sixties lol

  12. lasbagman1 says:

    Susan Tolsky played Biddie, I remember she was on the Mike Duglas show one time and was a funny lady, she told a story about her mother and said something like her mother was like Hitler, Zsa Zsa Gabor went off on her and completely ruined Susan’s segment. Even afer Susan told her she was Jewish and it was just a joke, Zsa Zsa kept slaming her. Don’t ask me why , I remember this as this happened sometime in the early to mid 70′s.

  13. Mr76Yearsago says:

    @lasbagman1 Hey, I can definately relate to that.. because I felt the very same way (as a teenager) about Susan Tolsky. and, I still wonder what she is doing with her career today.

  14. DrGlitterhouse says:

    @Gnillob802 That’s very interesting. I read Ishmael year ago, and while I seem to remember the Fourth Doctor appearing in the episode, I had no idea it was set in the Here Come the Brides universe.

  15. SenorZorrozzz says:

    This was a late 60s Tv show that aired on ABC. I really didn’t care for it but there wasn’t much else on. Even though it was supposed to take place a hundred years before, it was supposed to be a mod, hip youth TV program. ABC had several. None of them lasted very long!

  16. Gnillob802 says:

    A version with lyrics (sung by The New Establishment) was used after the first few months but removed when the show went into syndication. For Star Trek fans the novel ISHMAEL by Barbara Hambly has Star Trek’s Spock travel into the HERE COMES THE BRIDES’ story where Aaron Stempel is one of Spock’s mother’s ancestors. Actor Mark Lenard had played Spock’s dad in the series and Robert Brown and David Soul were also in Trek episodes and their BRIDES characters were also in the book. Weird.

  17. sierria64 says:


  18. JJJBRICE says:

    brides kinda reminds one of little house on the prairie which came along about four years later

  19. fordude60 says:

    I used to love watching this show back in the day. It was one of my favorite shows at the time, and I was very disgusted when ABC cancelled it. I would love to see reruns of it now.

  20. lasbagman1 says:

    This show was on ABC in 1969. I was 10 years old and remember all the 4th grade girls had crushes on Bobby Sherman

  21. bdienstag says:

    The first season the theme song had lyrics. It was beautiful. What happened to it?

  22. EuroTom1 says:

    Here Come the Brides was NOT in the 1950s !!!

  23. Lovableheart2001 says:

    I think you are a little off with your time. Here Come The Brides premired in 1968, not the 1950′s.

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