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Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals

I finally found the original vocals for this show, so I added them, for all fans to enjoy. The quality is low, and syncing is not perfect; but, hopefully, it will be in the season 2 DVD, when and if, it is ever released. This is intended solely for the entertainment of this show’s fans, and therefore not intended to infringe on or violate the copyrights of any actors, writers, musicians, production companies or publishers involved. All characters, images, and music are copyright (c) of their respective companies and are used for entertainment purposes only. Here Come The Brides is licensed by Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures Television. Copyright (c) 1997 thru 2009.
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25 Responses to “Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals”

  1. cbhagman says:

    Lovely video. Thanks for that trip down Memory Lane!

  2. ryoushii says:

    IF you want the REAL story this show is based on, get the book “The Sons of the Profits -the First Fifty Years of Seattle”. It wasn’t brides so much as hookers, and specifically the importation of the first high class hookers to Seattle, with French airs and perfumes and laces. It was Seattle’s first step towards being a respectable west coast metropolis, like San Francisco, or Portland.

  3. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @wdd3141 You missed my point totally. My post said shows were clean, and they weren’t “full” of issues. It means they weren’t full of crap like today’s shows. You’re wrong about how people weren’t concerned with quality of life. I had quality of life with a low standard of living. Today, people are concerned with standard of living and “keeping up with the Joneses”. You need to cope with your past so that YOU can move up to today. I’m sick of shows that have to have freaking issues!

  4. Treebard says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I haven’t heard/seen this since Spring 1970 — forty years ago! I loved this show so much. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore! I still remember the show about the Jewish bride. I had a Jewish friend growing up, and it helped me understand her culture.

  5. wdd3141 says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr Don’t forget, there were issues in real life back then. Kids were running away from home because their parents were more concerned with standard of living than with quality of life. There was a war in Vietnam that divided our nation. We were still hurting from the assassination of JFK. Psychedelic entertainment was influenced by drugs. Good old days? Let’s cope with today and create our own beauty where we can.

  6. InRick463 says:

    If any of you want to hear the original Seattle song, it was recorded by Perry Como in the mid-60s. The TV show just used his song and altered the lyrics.

  7. TVwriter23 says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr And they had hot men!!!.

  8. eat2evolve says:

    Someone’s gotta remake this song, nice and slow. It’s really a great song!

  9. Greenspots84 says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this!

  10. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Unfortunatly,they’re similar.

  11. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx Yeah, I know. I even called Communicomm, which is the cable company here and asked them if I could get a better deal by cancelling stations like MTV, BET and MSNBC…..stations that I never watch. But there’s no way out. Seems like it’s all or nothing with these cable companies. And they keep going up in price every year too. I’m about ready to start considering going to a satellite dish.

  12. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Funny how with all those channels & all show garbage.

  13. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx It was probably KPAC when I first started watching TV as a little kid. I remember my parents had a Zenith black and white with a rabbit ears antenna on top. Then we got an outdoor antenna and a color Zenith around 1967 or 68. Now with cable and countless stations to pick from I can’t believe we only had the choice of a few local stations in Beaumont, Lake Charles and Lafayette at one time. But you know what, I think the programming was better back then. No MTV or BET garbage.

  14. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 C.Blakey Locke owned them both.He sold the radio station in 1964 or 5 which meant they had to change their call letters.Channel 4 was originally KPAC like AM 1250 but changed their call letters to KJAC when Jefferson Amusement Co. bought the TV station about a year later.

  15. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx I never realized KLVI used to have the same call letters as the TV station. When I was a kid very few Astros games were televised and I used to listen to Gene Elston and Loel Passe do the games on KLVI. That was back around 1970 or so. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years.

  16. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Channels 6 & 12 had similar shows also.Uncle Willie was on 6 until about 1965 until he retired,they just ran cartoons afterward.Bill Hammond did Uncle Willie on KFDM radio for years before going on TV.About the same time the radio station was sold & became KLVI.Colonel Candy Cane was on 12 form 1963-5,Henry Larcade moved to 4 & they only showed cartoons in the time slot for several years later.I miss those shows,too.

  17. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx Ha ha….I was probably watching that day. I remember he always had kids on from all over southeast TX and a few from southwest LA. I wish they still had local shows like that on TV. I think back in the ’60s every city must have had shows like that. Cowboy John in Beaumont, Kartoon Kapers in Lake Charles and Polycarp in Lafayette….LOL.

  18. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 I was a huge fan of Cowboy John.On my 10th birthday he announced it on the air,I was on cloud 9!I miss the local celebrities like those people were back then.Very little local programming is done today except for news.

  19. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx I imagine that since it’s such a short trip between Beaumont and Lake Charles they would come to this region at the same time. Hey, I remember when I was a kid I thought anybody who was on TV was a celebrity, even the guys who would tell the news on the local stations or the guys like Cowboy John who would show cartoons in the afternoon on Channel 4 out of Port Arthur…..LOL.

  20. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 True.

  21. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Many of thesame people came to Beaumont for the YMBL Rodeo & Spindletop Horse Show.I saw Homer & Jethro one year at the rodeo.Another year I saw Alan Hale,Jr. & Bob Denver.

  22. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx Well, what passes for music nowadays is little more than noise pollution anyway. I remember when I was a kid we had guys like Michael Landon (Little Joe Cartwright) and Ken Curtis (Festus) would come to the old McNeese Auditorium during rodeos and then put on a show and sign autographs after. The last concert I went to was when Jerry Reed came to Harrah’s Casino by the Civic Center. Most of them nowadays, I wouldn’t go see if the tickets were free.

  23. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @dlsofsetx Well, it’s good to meet a fellow Tea Partier on here too. If it wasn’t on a weekend I’d try to make it too. We’ve had a few Tea Party events in Lake Charles at the Civic Center. People are really getting mad about what’s going on nowadays. Between Obama’s wanting to shut down all drilling in the Gulf, which would practically destroy the economy along the Gulf Coast and his wanting to tax us into oblivion things are getting worse and worse.

  24. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 I was about he same age when it aired.My feelings were the same.Sherman also was popular with young boys then.He was a bit of a role model.When David Cassidy came on the scene he faded.He was not as effeminate as many others in that genre of music,e.g. Cassidy or today,that super sissified Justin Bieber.

  25. dlsofsetx says:

    @ridgerunner721601 I know about how ridiculous prices are at ball games.I’m going to the game Oct.2 for a TEA Party event.My first game in Minute Maid Park,& first since 1979.

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