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Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals

I finally found the original vocals for this show, so I added them, for all fans to appreciate. The quality is low, and syncing is not best but, hopefully, it will be in the season 2 DVD, when and if, it is ever released. This is intended solely for the entertainment of this show’s fans, and as a result not intended to infringe on or violate the copyrights of any actors, writers, musicians, production companies or publishers involved. All characters, images, and music are copyright (c) of their respective firms and are used for entertainment purposes only. Here Come The Brides is licensed by Screen Gems/Columbia Photos Tv. Copyright (c) 1997 thru 2009.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals”

  1. brandemour says:

    Oh, I remember – this is when television was good~~~

  2. Mariposa0416Annie says:


  3. samuel63867 says:

    Incrível! Esses vocais não se ouviam na abertura que passava aqui no Brasil!

  4. MONGOOSE1ful says:

    “HERE COME THE BRIDES” was again,a superior product of Screen Gems,,years
    before the unthinkable happened,when Sony re-instated it as a motion picture
    division in 1999-and today,the garbage that they have released,just sickens me!
    so for some of you Baby Boomers out there will recollect,that Screen Gems back
    in the 50s,60s and mid 70s(before it was changed to Columbia Pictures TV) did
    some of the BEST TV ever!! and This 1968 ABC series was proof-as was other
    series,like “BEWITCHED”and “HAZEL”

  5. Levigizmo says:

    What a blast from the past. I used to watch this show all of the time.

  6. sexymama1966 says:

    in houston, antenna tv is channel 39.2

  7. RUBIDOUXTIM says:


  8. dspecoraro says:

    Antenna Channel (a cable station of WPIX 11 in NYC) airs HCTB at 1 pm on Sunday.

  9. dspecoraro says:

    How the heck can a video about a nice 1970′s TV show bring the Tea Party racists out of the woodwork. Just let those of us who can enjoy old-time TV AND support a middle-of-the road President who was legally elected do so in peace. Just starch your sheet on your own time!

  10. susankmarlow says:

    Candy’s brother and sister appeared at the beginning of Season 2. I loved, loved, loved this song! I remember the vocals for the title credits as always being there (and the show only ran 2 seasons) when originally broadcast. Don’t know why they don’t have them in the DVDs. I was pretty disappointed in that. *sigh*

    Just one technical in that song. Seattle has FIR trees . . . not PINE trees. LOL

  11. windstorm1000 says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Thanks for sharing your memories–certainly a lot posting here with these old shows

  12. w2npjvve says:

    Thank you for this gift. My favorite tv show and I went back there just now. Sorrow is our lost joy remembered but these tears feel sweet.

  13. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @emsguybob Yes, I watched the Norman Lear shows, and you were the one who wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t say they didn’t have “any” issues. I said they weren’t “full” of issues like today’s shows. Even the Brady Bunch had an episode where Greg smoked one time just to try it, and he didn’t even want to smoke. They didn’t make it a week to week thing where Greg was smoking one week and then toking another week and doing something else another week. It was just simple fun by and large.

  14. emsguybob says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr seventies shows had no issues? his name was Norman Lear. Not to mention after school specials. You were not paying attention. Frankly, you still don’t have to. All the fluff you want is out there.

  15. MyDaddyCool says:

    I had forgotten Mark Leonard was in this. He was a very nice man and I was able to talk to him at a convention in 1992 I think. Bur I remember him for another roll he played. Two rolls really, on one TV show,

  16. AliceFan1 says:

    The opening sequence they show on WCIU is just with music yet in the end credits they say who sang the lyrics. Could there be some copyright or residual issues that prevents presenting the title sequence being presented as it was originally? Also, anyone know when Candy’s brother and sister joined the cast?

  17. Dvideon says:

    UPDATE – HCTB is now on Sunday mornings at 9AM CST
    on WCIU’s “Me-TOO” channel.

  18. kennetzel says:

    I just rediscovered this show on DVD…I thought the lyrics were on both seasons. I was surprised to watch the first epidodes and not here the words. I have both Perry Como’s and Bobby Sherman’s version of this song and I hope season two does get released. My wife never saw the show and is enjoying watchng it with me.

  19. cbhagman says:

    Lovely video. Thanks for that trip down Memory Lane!

  20. ryoushii says:

    IF you want the REAL story this show is based on, get the book “The Sons of the Profits -the First Fifty Years of Seattle”. It wasn’t brides so much as hookers, and specifically the importation of the first high class hookers to Seattle, with French airs and perfumes and laces. It was Seattle’s first step towards being a respectable west coast metropolis, like San Francisco, or Portland.

  21. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @wdd3141 You missed my point totally. My post said shows were clean, and they weren’t “full” of issues. It means they weren’t full of crap like today’s shows. You’re wrong about how people weren’t concerned with quality of life. I had quality of life with a low standard of living. Today, people are concerned with standard of living and “keeping up with the Joneses”. You need to cope with your past so that YOU can move up to today. I’m sick of shows that have to have freaking issues!

  22. Treebard says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I haven’t heard/seen this since Spring 1970 — forty years ago! I loved this show so much. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore! I still remember the show about the Jewish bride. I had a Jewish friend growing up, and it helped me understand her culture.

  23. wdd3141 says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr Don’t forget, there were issues in real life back then. Kids were running away from home because their parents were more concerned with standard of living than with quality of life. There was a war in Vietnam that divided our nation. We were still hurting from the assassination of JFK. Psychedelic entertainment was influenced by drugs. Good old days? Let’s cope with today and create our own beauty where we can.

  24. InRick463 says:

    If any of you want to hear the original Seattle song, it was recorded by Perry Como in the mid-60s. The TV show just used his song and altered the lyrics.

  25. TVwriter23 says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr And they had hot men!!!.

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