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Here Come The Brides opening theme

Here Come The Brides opening theme

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  1. woknbronnie says:

    I used to rush home from school before the others got home so that I could indulge in the fantasy of being one of the brides. It a shame life didn’t turn out quite like that!

  2. houston937 says:

    This was the opening theme for the first season. In the second season they used the song.

  3. AuntThebe says:

    I loved all the “J” names. Eleven years later, I name my son Justin …. remembering this series.

  4. wlhardy says:

    @Animosity4UandU I do! He starred with Jay North (Dennis the Menace) in a show based in India called “Maya.” I don’t remember seeing him in much else. Davy Jones was my first teen idol, followed by Bobby Sherman, then Donny Osmond. Never did care too much for David Cassidy although I did like the Partridge Family. I also liked Robby Benson & Scott Jacoby–remember them? There’s no one for teenage girls to idolize anymore except Justin Beiber–yuck!

  5. Shalvislover says:

    This isn’t the theme I remember. Wasn’t there words … like “The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle ….”

  6. bangiusaxby says:


  7. morgankitty1 says:

    bobby sherman was cute, but he was no clay aikin !…wait….i cant even say that with a straight face..

  8. gumballrally427 says:

    @Animosity4UandU “Maya”

  9. allinamoris says:

    We bring you real naughty women online now

  10. AdrielnaQuianala says:

    Sexy plump girls waiting for your love

  11. Animosity4UandU says:

    My sister pasted Bobby Sherman all over her walls along with Davy Jones and all the Beatles! Also Sajid Khan….first teen idol of color! Anybody remember Sajid?

  12. louisa1832 says:

    @snootpelt I’m with you!

  13. shmuli9 says:

    Those old movies and TV shows were amusing. If a person was supposed to be ‘middle class’, they spoke very fast and with a vaguely ‘Brooklyn’
    accent, but if they were ‘high-class’, they spoke with the mid-Atlantic (are they British or American) ‘theatah voice’. Even the southern Aunt Bea spoke like that (“oh, Anday… I nevah married becoz I am a lesbian with the hots for Verah”)

  14. wonderboyjoy says:

    @shmuli9 i used to love joan…she was in heaps of b grade black and white movies, but she was always great in my eyes. when i saw her in grease i was pleasantly surprised.

  15. troyboy7962 says:

    R I P Danno. Thanx James McArthur

  16. shmuli9 says:

    @11191066 Yep… Perry Como (yes, Perry Como!) had the hit with it, and I used to have that 45…

  17. shmuli9 says:

    @jsicolts I think Joan was also a waitress in “Grease”…

  18. 11191066 says:

    There was another opening theme with a song – The bluest Skys you’ve ever seen in Seattle – and the Hills the greenest green in Seattle ….. When you find your own true love you will know it. Etc Remember it? I haven’t thought of that song in probably 40 years but still remember the words. From here I will go and find it. Isn’t youtube great ?

  19. sandrahn says:

    @alexrogan1 you can get the dvds on amazon

  20. tvinkg034 says:

    slepcu jedan

  21. jsicolts says:

    WOW. Joan Blodell in one of the last things she ever did.

  22. sandrahn says:

    Absolutely LOVED this show, the music and the opening visuals. Was madly in love with Jason Bolt.

  23. sigzor85 says:

    It’s funny how you even saved that old 1955 TV to show this show’s theme. LOL

  24. msant00 says:

    Wow… I loved it!!!!!

  25. jessie7378 says:

    Yes, this takes me back to Friday nights at 7pm, when I would be babysitting. We’d make popcorn and then go sit in front of the TV to watch the show. I bet some of those kids I babysat are Bobby Sherman fans too! Great memories!

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