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Here Come The Brides opening theme

Here Come The Brides opening theme

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25 Responses to “Here Come The Brides opening theme”

  1. jsicolts says:

    WOW. Joan Blodell in one of the last things she ever did.

  2. sandrahn says:

    Absolutely LOVED this show, the music and the opening visuals. Was madly in love with Jason Bolt.

  3. sigzor85 says:

    It’s funny how you even saved that old 1955 TV to show this show’s theme. LOL

  4. msant00 says:

    Wow… I loved it!!!!!

  5. jessie7378 says:

    Yes, this takes me back to Friday nights at 7pm, when I would be babysitting. We’d make popcorn and then go sit in front of the TV to watch the show. I bet some of those kids I babysat are Bobby Sherman fans too! Great memories!

  6. dlsofsetx says:

    This was a good show.Unfortunately,when CBS put up a juggernaut named Glen Campbell in the same time slot,its ratings plummeted.

  7. jaytf123 says:

    @RockyMissouri I don’t think he hosted it but he was on a lot. Remember “Hullabaloo”? How about the Dick Clark show “Where the action is”? Tommy Roe used to guest on that a lot. I guess I’m showing my age.

  8. RockyMissouri says:

    Didn’t Bobby host Shindig?? I had the biggest crush on him…!

  9. alexrogan1 says:

    makes me want to watch the show all over again :)

  10. AlanDMoore says:

    Here come the brides did have words, the title was sung by Bobby Sherman.
    It’s not your imagination.
    They just don’t have the words in this introduction.
    This show has only 2 seasons, they released season 1 on dvd years ago.
    I don’t know why they haven’t released season 2 on dvd.
    I believe it was released by Sony.

  11. alexrogan1 says:

    @adelquilts hehe … and I was in love with Candy… :)

  12. schs1977 says:

    @snootpelt – The shows you mentioned sure beats the CRAP on TV now!

  13. dahsuerk says:

    The New Establishment

  14. janackova says:

    Omg. Joan blondell was in it? Where is the song? “the bluest skies you’ll ever see in Seattle… ” must be the 2nd season.

  15. desertboi84 says:

    Soooo much better WITHOUT the lyric’s! :) LOVE IT! :)

  16. dahsuerk says:

    Perry Como

  17. mimigirlmiss says:

    Thanks for this. I was about 12 when this show was on and was in love (like most girls at that time) with Bobby Sherman. This sure bought back a lot of memories.

  18. Dvideon says:

    Search for “Dvideon”, and you will find the version with vocals. This comment section does not allow
    a link to the web address.

  19. titostacos says:

    What happened to the words? I recall it having words. I know the words. Have I gone mad? Oh God…

  20. AmericanPowerBase says:

    Oh snap! So Starsky was in HCTB?? Shizzawalizza, bizza!!!!

  21. Syzygy60 says:

    yes,bobby Sherman sang “Seattle” is also on you tube

  22. twalk317 says:

    OMG!!! I have been searching for this. Thank you so much for posting it. Brought back such memories – none of my friends knew what I was talking about. Now, am I absolutely crazy…or did this theme opener have words – like “The bluest skies I’ve ever seen…In Seattle…etc…”???

  23. TheGringoLoco says:

    Good grief……we’re talking , what…….1970, here?

    LOL Gotta be darn close to 40 years ago. I had vague memories of this opening theme song on TV when I was about 6 years old. This show must’ve only lasted two seasons, at best.

  24. starringJayMcK says:

    Thanks desertboi84. I was eating at a restaurant (1979, No Hollywood) when Susan and a girlfriend came in. After they were seated, Susan, in her Biddie voice, started to tell her friend a story, with gestures and emphasis. The friend, already laughing uncontrollably, begged her to stop. But Susan kept on, and one by one everyone in the restaurant started to laugh, until the entire restaurant was laughing. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Whatever funny is, the ladys got it.

  25. desertboi84 says:

    The second season credits are/were re-shot & do/did include a ‘biddy & clancey” billing!

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