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Here Come the Brides – Jenny Lind 1 of 5

Here Come the Brides – Jenny Lind 1 of five
Video Rating: four / 5

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11 Responses to “Here Come the Brides – Jenny Lind 1 of 5”

  1. TProcunier says:

    Jenny Lind was my Great great great great Aunt :) No Joke! She was such an amazing woman. I now know where I get a personality from lol My whole family is a lot like her. So weird.

  2. ZumptheStump says:

    @kiwigirlcruiser It’s up now.

  3. ZumptheStump says:

    @ZumptheStump I wished they would have left the song in there.

  4. ZumptheStump says:

    @youtub3k You can see in the credits at the end that the song was in this one. Sung by The New Establishment. You can see that it has been removed.

  5. kiwigirlcruiser says:

    Do you have an episode called “Wild Colonial Boy”?

  6. redk39 says:

    @jensmom604 is there any way to get copies of the 2nd season, in any form?

  7. youtub3k says:

    Still no song, after the teaser. Some say it was added midway thru 1st season. This IS from the 2nd season. I wonder if the syndication copy was altered, to have no “Seattle” song? Got any episodes later than this one?

  8. jensmom604 says:

    Yes, the episode is called “The Fetching of Jenny.”

  9. Hyunie says:

    yeh the christmas episode was crisp as where this is just crispy.loved this show bobby sherman was mad cute.course I saw it as reruns as I was only 2 in 1968.

  10. rainydaywoman1957 says:

    why is this series in such crappy shape? everything else from this era is shiny and crisp.

  11. ChachiTelevision1979 says:

    is this season 2?

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