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Here come The Brides – Big Blooper

Watch the little girl’s hand!!!
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25 Responses to “Here come The Brides – Big Blooper”

  1. Zapppo says:

    ha ha we know where YOUR eyes were fixated lol :D

  2. leadchick says:

    Wow! Took me a minute to “catch on” lol to what was actuallly happening during this scene, but thought it appeared to be deliberate on the little girl’s part. hunclemike, I was raised in the SF Valley and never knew that any such legend existed! Still learn somethin’ new every day.

  3. 49bobbyk says:

    I wonder how many takes they made of that scene?

  4. mjabowler says:

    Hell…you can’t blame her…a young Bobby Sherman in tight pants! Too hot!

  5. NoirFan01 says:

    Thank goodness the comment section directed me where to look!

  6. Jiggs46 says:

    Cock pinch

  7. TimL2005 says:

    It was an intense scene..And I had to look a few times to see what the “blooper” was. It happened so quick tthat probably no one caught it till after it was first aired..It might have been a controversey then, but it wasnt.If if had been they would have edited that scene in reruns/syndication..

  8. belladeballe says:

    OMG…too crazy!

  9. weenyone says:

    She handled it like a woman :)

  10. oneeightywest says:

    Judging by the video posted here,
    I’d say SHE was the one who handled ‘it’.

  11. hunclemike says:

    @msjulicious Bobby Sherman’s cock size was legendary in Hollywood folklore. The kid wanted to see for herself ,I’m sure. I would have taken a grab myself, and I’m a straight man with no history of child stardom.

  12. sherrygaither01 says:

    Bobby Sherman handled it like a gentleman.

  13. ftsjr says:

    That was pretty funny.

  14. timwmartin says:

    What a classic tv clip! I bet that little girl made an awful lot of bigger girls jealous.

  15. kirbygene says:

    LOL, of course it was an accident but Bobby’s reaction is funny. He suddenly looks down like “hey what’s this?” and quickly moves the kid away.

    Funny but innocent moment

  16. Carolee1956 says:

    It looks like she was squeezing his goodies too!

  17. msjulicious says:

    kids don’t usually have perverted minds. i highly doubt she was reachin for it on purpose.

  18. terrykozak says:

    Frickin hilarious! Grab his zipper? Where from the bottom? That kid scored better than the millions of Bobby Sherman groupies who wet their panties to his show.

  19. justme632 says:

    Mabe she was a big Bobby S fan.Lol!

  20. candjh2o says:

    Thank for the MEMORIES OF MY YOUTH.

  21. hcaliforniagirl says:

    I’ll I can say is ha ha ha ha!

  22. leengirl says:

    It’s obvious she was just trying to grab onto him and her hand accidentally landed on his zipper. The other girl is flailing around so much she was probably afraid she was going to get hit and was trying to be careful.

    But hey, if I was her, I would have grabbed for the same thing! Ha!

  23. authorsdream says:

    YUP! Guess no one caught it.

  24. planetiowa says:

    It went out on the air like that?

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