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Here come The Brides – Big Blooper

Watch the small girl’s hand!!!
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Here come The Brides – Big Blooper”

  1. PaulandDavidforever says:

    So super cute!

  2. authorsdream says:

    @grgeorges Watch the little girl’s hand on Jeremy.

  3. grgeorges says:

    don’t see a blooper

  4. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl thanks ,will def try there first….have looked at a few posts on here (yt) ,That have a link? Turns out their nothing but a con ,and u have to complete numerous surveys ,and (of course!) ,it never gets beyond 99%!:(
    Good luck with ur search..maybe “santa” will leave u one?:)…Have a great xmas!!

  5. ninasgirl says:

    @mumof3girls09 I have seen all the episodes even have the second season on DVD that someone copied from TV, but the quality is awful.

    I’m sure that S&H can be found on Amazon and all should be there. Whatever seasons they have released anyway.

    I don’t trust those places on the net. They are a waist of money and the quality is far from good. I would try looking at Amazon and see what they have.

  6. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl aww ,that`s a shame..maybe they have to get permission from all those involved before converting it to dvd?
    Hope u eventually find it somewhere ,i know it`s irritating when you`ve seen most ,but not all…i`ve recently found that with S&H missing episodes..their promised if you follow a link ,then it`s one big con…surveys after surveys ,and u never reach the magic 100% to gain access 2 said shows!:(

  7. ninasgirl says:

    @mumof3girls09 You can buy season one on

    No, there’s nothing there and they won’t send anything on it until it is released. The fans of the show have asked several times for Sony to release it, but they haven’t. We keep hoping they will change their minds.

  8. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl oh wow!lucky you!!!
    Haven`t seen anything of it here ,not even in the most up to date dvd stores etc…might be worth looking on the back of the dvd set you have tho`??there may very well be an address you could write ,or even email to ,and find out where u can get the other seasons??(often when u show interest ,they`ll send u it anyways..certainly worth a shot!”GOOD LUCK!!!!, And thanks again for the look at a younger David….BLISS!!:):)

  9. ninasgirl says:

    @mumof3girls09 Yes, I was around when it first came out. I saw the very first pilot. I watched every episode from the first to the last. A few years ago I bought the fisrt season so I could watch the show whenever I wanted. I just wish they would release season 2.

  10. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl Ah ,so you weren`t “around” when it first came out either?:)…We only now seem to get alot of the older (and often much better!) US shows…..maybe a season or three behind ,but hey..we1re getting them!
    (yep ,i`d guess alot of ppls` eyes would`ve been on Bobby during THIS!LOL
    (didn`t david marry his ex wife? LOL~~Talk about keeping it amoungst friends!!!

  11. ninasgirl says:

    @mumof3girls09 The funny thing is, when the show was first aired, I never caught it. It wasn;t until I bought the DVD’S that I saw it. LOL

    It was a great show! I was so upset when they canceled it.

    You are very welcome. Have to admit though I only had eyes for Bobby.

  12. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl and it`s funny!!..Glad you Spotted it!!LOL

  13. mumof3girls09 says:

    @ninasgirl I would have ,espec if it`d been Davids` character!(LOL~~just to get it right you understand!!!he!he!)…
    Still would have liked to have seen this ,guess we never picked it up ,even after its` heyday in the uK…shame ,it seems like a good show..espec for the time….
    Thanks for the glimpse of an early/ young DAvid soul at work:):)

  14. ninasgirl says:

    @mumof3girls09 Yea, it was funny. I’m surprisesd they didn’t ask for a retake. LOL

  15. mumof3girls09 says:

    ha!ha!….Isn`t that what you might call a “slight of hand”?!!LOL..

    If that “litle girl” has seen this “blooper” ,betcha she`s never lived in down!!
    Too funny ,thanks for the ,eeerm…Interesting piece!!:)

  16. Zapppo says:

    ha ha we know where YOUR eyes were fixated lol :D

  17. leadchick says:

    Wow! Took me a minute to “catch on” lol to what was actuallly happening during this scene, but thought it appeared to be deliberate on the little girl’s part. hunclemike, I was raised in the SF Valley and never knew that any such legend existed! Still learn somethin’ new every day.

  18. 49bobbyk says:

    I wonder how many takes they made of that scene?

  19. mjabowler says:

    Hell…you can’t blame her…a young Bobby Sherman in tight pants! Too hot!

  20. NoirFan01 says:

    Thank goodness the comment section directed me where to look!

  21. Jiggs46 says:

    Cock pinch

  22. TimL2005 says:

    It was an intense scene..And I had to look a few times to see what the “blooper” was. It happened so quick tthat probably no one caught it till after it was first aired..It might have been a controversey then, but it wasnt.If if had been they would have edited that scene in reruns/syndication..

  23. belladeballe says:

    OMG…too crazy!

  24. weenyone says:

    She handled it like a woman :)

  25. oneeightywest says:

    Judging by the video posted here,
    I’d say SHE was the one who handled ‘it’.

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