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Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

In the 23 years that Hee Haw was on the air, one of the most memorable and beloved segments was the Gospel Quartet performances. Now, for the first time, 30 treasured Gospel classics performed on the show are brought together in this one stirring col

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5 Responses to “Hee Haw Gospel Quartet”

  1. Kenniford Laing says:

    Review by Kenniford Laing for Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
    I remember the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet song-segments on the old Hee Haw show as a chance to hear country Gospel done in a reverent, simple, downhome way complete with Roy Clark’s excellent, understated, country, flat-top picking. The harmonies and solo instrumentation were excellent and when I saw this Hee Haw Gospel Quartet CD being released, I thought, Wow! The old song-performances from the show in remastered form! I eagerly awaited my purchase.

    Well, it came today, and I popped it in my player and with the first notes from the first song, I was disappointed! I hit my next-track button and more of the same disappointment was there. Folks, what has been done by the producers is to embellish the old performances with extra instrumentation, back-up singers, and too much added reverb. To me, this has all but obliterated the charm and excellent simple performances that I remember from the old show.

    If you a have a fondness for the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet song-performances as originally performed on the Hee Haw TV show, rather than buy this CD, purchase the DVDs of the Hee Haw shows and enjoy these songs in the simple and reverent way they were intended to be heard and viewed.

    Ken Laing

    Rochester, New York


  2. David J. Means says:

    Review by David J. Means for Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
    I strongly disagree with the reviewer who stated that this set was not worth buying because it had been “prettified” in the studio and no longer sounded like it did when originally broadcast on TV. One obvious difference is that television speakers are usually tiny compared to almost any stereo, and will always change the sound of the music.

    I have listened to these discs several times through headphones, and I can clearly hear the roughness of the performances. Not all the singers cut-off at the same time at the end of some of the verses and choruses, not everyone comes in fully at the beginning of some songs, there are occasional slight instrument flubs, and the microphones are not balanced. Buck Owens’ voice is clearly heard over the other men’s, so that sometimes, instead of a quartet, it’s more like Buck and three back-up singers.

    But these are all niggling little details that are only heard if you listen hard for them. If you just want to enjoy some good old country gospel, then let the music speak for itself. I’m sure there has been some “massaging” of the music in the studio (as old as these performances are, there would almost have to be), but I feel that is acceptable to make sure this music is not lost. I have been very pleased with my purchase of this set, and can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who likes country gospel.

  3. Bobby G. Bristoe says:

    Review by Bobby G. Bristoe for Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
    This is old time gospel music like you would hear in a church, back in the country. It is the music I grew up on, except we sang it A-capela.

    I watched the first airing of Hee Haw and watch it for many years. Back then we watched country music on TV every Saturday night on all 3 channels. Yes I’m that old. The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet captured the essence of small church singing, and that is why I gave it 5 stars. Grandpa, Buck, Roy, and Kenny, took a comedy show and added a serious moment to it, and it fit really well. This is a 2 CD set and is well worth th $20.00 investment.

  4. Flora J. Taylor says:

    Review by Flora J. Taylor for Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
    As a lover of Miles Davis and John Coltrane and Neil Young and Bob Dylan, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this CD. It brought back such wonderful memories of attending the country church of my childhood, that I bought a second copy to send to my sister.

  5. Elizabeth Mizell says:

    Review by Elizabeth Mizell for Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
    the gospel portion of hee haw was always my favorite. good to see the music on the market. Remindful of childhood memories of going to church with our parents (who both passed away in 2000 age 55 and 59).

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