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Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season

Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season

Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, the show followed Jack Lord as he played Steve McGarrett, head of an elite state police unit investigating “organized crime, murder, assassination attempts, foreign agents, felonies of every type.” James MacArth

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4 Responses to “Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season”

  1. S. Ward says:

    Review by S. Ward for Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season
    Season 9 is arguably the last decent collection of episodes from the original Five-0 stable – I don’t consider it to be nowhere near as good as when the show was at its zenith (seasons 3; 4; 5 & 6), but its good nevertheless. In fact, season opener, `Nine Dragons’ is outstanding – a real rarity in the fact that it’s a post season 6 episode that would probably feature in any fan’s top ten list of all time greatest episodes.

    So here we have `Nine Dragons’ unabridged and thus coming in at circa 98 minutes. Print quality seems ok on this and other episodes – certainly much better than anything I’ve seen on TV here in the UK. Downside to this is that onscreen `dirt’ (black flecks) can be seen from time to time in certain scenes on numerous episodes.

    Sadly Season 9 is the last time we see contributions from Five-0 stalwarts Michael O’Herlihy (director) and Jerome Coopersmith . O’Herlihy often helmed some of the best episodes the show had to offer, but here his swansong is the aforementioned season opener, `Nine Dragons’. Likewise Coopersmith pens just two of the instalments in this season – whatever the reasons for their departures, their loss to the series was immeasurable and undoubtedly contributory factors to the show’s impending demise.

    Notable Season 9 episodes are `Nine Dragons’; `Man in a Steel Frame’ – (only marred by some horrendously schmaltzy flashbacks); `Blood Money is Hard to Wash’ – (although the last scene where McGarrett yells `Book `em Danno’ whilst on crutches and heavily bandaged is both cringeworthy and unintentionally funny); `Double Exposure’ and `Elegy In A Rain Forest’ – (McGarrett’s hat is yet another heinous crime against fashion)

    The packaging on these discs is slightly different to previous Region one releases -there are no individual slip cases, instead, all 6 discs are supplied within the one case – which is the same style of packaging afforded to Mannix on DVD with the exception that with this 5-0 release, a cardboard case is also supplied.

    Another departure is that the season 1 arrangement of the theme (which accompanied the DVD menus on all previous releases) has been replaced with the Season 9 version.

    The only subtitles for this set are those in English – indeed, as is the only language on the discs.

    So, If you can ignore the numerous fashion faux pas’ committed by Jack Lord, accept the fact that he is also starting to show his age and, basically, that these episodes just aren’t as cool as earlier entries, then this is a decent set – probably better than season 8 and hence the 4 stars for this release compared to the 3 I afforded that collection.

  2. Stevie says:

    Review by Stevie for Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season
    The other being Starsky and Hutch! This series is brilliant with the criminal team of (of course) Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, and Chin Ho Kelly (Kelley?)! The plots of this show are strengthened by both first rate acting Jack Lord in the lead on down to exotic real life locales (giving the show a lot of realism)! Some of the events on this show are even based on real life events!

  3. Benny says:

    Review by Benny for Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season
    Often as a show reaches its later seasons reviews all hark back to the early seasons, and writers report of a loss of spark. But having recently watched the last 8 season’s i don;t see 5-0 getting weaker, for every so-so episode there are five crackers. Of course the amount of Hawaiian actors was limited so you;ll often see the same actor play 10 different parts over a season, but given the limitations of a production ‘shot entirtly on location’ in Hawaii, i think the writters have managed to keep the plots totally engaging.

    My only wish would have been a deeper look at Steves back-story, he was such a great character i would have liked to know a bit more about his past, and his family.

    I’m sure season 9 has more great views of Hawaii, beautiful women, and gripping stories.


  4. Ricahrd A. Salzer says:

    Review by Ricahrd A. Salzer for Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season
    A very good season, a little better than the tenth

    season, when Chin Ho Kelly gets cacked in the 10th

    season finale. The ninth season Five-0 staff inclu-

    des the usual soild foursome of McGarrett, Danno,

    Chin Ho and now Duke Lukela on the cover. Former

    Pro Football player Herman Wedemeyer (Colts, Dons

    of the ancient AAFC back in the late forties) star-

    ted wearing plain clothes for good in season eight,

    but was not on the intro with Jack Lord, James Mac-

    Arthur and Kam Fong Chun until season 9. very solid

    season starts with a great two-hour (later sydicat-

    ed in two parts) ‘Nine Dragons’. What would a season

    of Five-0 be without Keigh Deigh as ‘Wo Fat’??!!@!

    Pick Up On It!

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