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Have Gun Will Travel

Pictures from “Have Gun Will Travel” as well as magazine and book covers of Richard Boone. Song by Johnny Western.

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25 Responses to “Have Gun Will Travel”

  1. terridiane says:

    I am addicted to these old westerns , they are so much better to watch then whats on now a days…………100% addicted to the Starr’s Western channel…

  2. synjruler says:

    the band have heart uses this in their song “intro/to us fools” on their 2003 demo

  3. Denise9482 says:

    AAAAHHHH!!!Paladin!!!! My Hero!! When I was a kid I watched Paladin always! Had a cowboy outfit like his!! My mom use to say she didn’t know what I saw in this guy but I liked the rugged look. Like somebody you might not want to mess with. Intimidating!! And he sure had that look!!

  4. vulpecula999 says:

    are there any videos on this site without a fucking annoying advert

  5. madcope2oo9 says:

    @Alec319 im 15 and i like them dude…..youre not alone lol

  6. ComptonCJ says:

    @Jantv81 LOL

  7. 9001tank says:

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  8. Jantv81 says:

    You betcha… I need Paladin now!

  9. mindeloman says:

    @CarlDuke It’s armor. Like, a knight armor in a savage land. Remeber he was chivalrous and gentlemanly and tried not to use his gun. But what I dont get is that he would always have the company of “ladies” in his suite unchaproned. I think Hey Boy was a pimp. lol.

  10. Alec319 says:

    it’s like i’m the only teen who likes western and other things most teens wouldn’t lol

  11. Alec319 says:

    @jason75 i watch this every time i get the chance, lol i just love the wild west

  12. Alec319 says:

    lol i’m a kid and even i like it, well, a teen lol

  13. jason75 says:

    I remember this as a kid!!!! takes me back to, even though it was 10 years before me.

  14. CarlDuke says:

    When I was a kid I used to think the lyric was a knight without HONOR in a savage land, which didn’t make much sense. Also as kids we used to sing Paladin, Paladin where do you roam, upstairs and downstairs and all through the home.

  15. EvelTwinOfSlogmaster says:

    Paladin = HELL YEAH!!!

  16. Wardog687 says:

    @95HarleyDavidson I know but the kids sang it. This is the TV version which is by far waaaaay better

  17. 95HarleyDavidson says:

    @Wardog687 this song was on Stand By Me

  18. bioarnie867killer says:

    im 14 and i love classic western tv series like gunsmoke,have gun will travel,cheyenne,roy rogers etc… they are awsome!

  19. jerrodsdad says:

    As these types of series went away, so did that style of theme song. Fortunately, there is Youtube to go take a look at them again.

  20. tooteslol says:

    i lve this in stand by me

  21. jfiIes0000000 says:

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  22. melollylolly says:

    please hide this is awful

  23. Wardog687 says:

    Ahhhh Paladin,
    They just dont make em like they used too

  24. melollylolly says:

    to hammergod…i don’t need meds…i just hate to see an actor slandered many years after his death…especially by a troll blogger; but i am gonna let this go; and find positive things to say on internet…

  25. hammerogod says:

    After reading through about the first 20 comments I get the feeling that Someone didn’t take thier Prozac on time

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