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Have Gun Will Travel TV Opening Theme

Opening theme song from the classic western called Have Gun Will Travel
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23 Responses to “Have Gun Will Travel TV Opening Theme”

  1. sbflash311 says:

    I always thought his first name was “Wire”, because it said “Wire Paladin, San Francisco” on his card.

  2. Treblaine says:


  3. marioTmaggot says:

    I used to watch this religiously.

  4. keydet72 says:

    The coolest tv intro ever!

  5. mikemckv says:

    Great clip.

  6. elc1960 says:

    When I was a kid, I used to see this in syndication on Channel 7 from Boston (then WNAC-TV), and after this intro they would cut to a commercial. Invariably, the first ad they always showed was the “Little Old Winemaker” for Italian Swiss Colony wines (we’re talking around 1964 – 1966, ballpark). Since then, I can’t think of this intro without my mind hearing the winemaker say “Italian Swiss Colony – fine wines since 1881.”

  7. 9001tank says:

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  8. heycolslaw says:

    Gone are the days of shooting without killing … now they’re not happy unless there’s blood & guts all over the screen!

  9. haweye79 says:

    I loveed his stlye man did not play….Lol

  10. 000266617 says:

    It occurs to me if someone plays Palidin, he must have a special gun. “made to his specifications”

  11. DHSucked says:

    Pfft. Got nothin’ on Chuck Norris. ^_^

  12. msegreto2 says:

    have gun will travel reads the card of a man…

  13. VoiceGawd says:

    On the hottest of days day Richard Boone sweated ice cubes. This guy played the coolest man with a Colt Peacemaker and a “don’t even think of screwing with me” attitude EVER.

  14. melollylolly says:

    i have to tell you; i fell in love with boone-and paladin-the character 21 years ago…my late husband was already a fan…and me and him used to watch the Have Gun Will Travel Reruns on a tv station when i was living in Charlotte, north carolina….i am still smitten with boone as paladin…it is ironic that my late husband was also a dead ringer for Richard Boone…when my husband was alive–people told him he looked like Paladin….

  15. giacblanc says:

    !!’darn tootin’!!

  16. melollylolly says:

    to Aphasia17–you can’t spell

  17. moonchildiva says:

    omg, I LOVE THIS!! thanks for posting!

  18. shadejford says:

    You should also post the opening to the radio version.

  19. ranran19701 says:

    shamelessly stolen for the opening of the movie Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood.

  20. fromthesidelines says:

    Great theme by Bernard Herrmann!
    Usually, the opening title would feature a snatch of dialogue from Paladin that was tied into the evening’s story…and it was often a threat of some kind: along the lines of, “If you don’t call off this feud right now, Grainger, I’ll make you sorry you ever sent for me in the first place. Then, you’ll see some REAL shooting…”
    At :44, an announcer (usually Roy Rowan) originally added, “‘HAVE GUN- WILL TRAVEL’, is brought to you by…”

  21. KKolchak says:

    Outstanding that 50 years later, a few people still remember and understand the similarities.

  22. Aphasia17 says:

    yeah the boy had it comin, mr. boone told him once keep the fuck off the darnk lawn

  23. squidaudio says:

    He killed a boy?

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