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Have Gun Will Travel Television Opening Theme

Opening theme song from the classic western known as Have Gun Will Travel

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25 Responses to “Have Gun Will Travel Television Opening Theme”

  1. chandlerherbert2 says:

    Richard Boone. The finest gun shooter!

  2. Dunkleosteus3691 says:

    @Joinoh: just FYI: target pistols and combat handguns are nothing alike. Palladin was a combat shooter and would never in real life even consider a trigger pull of less than 3 pounds on his Colt.
    Expert combat trainers say: “In addition a trigger below 4 lbs can easily lead to accidental discharges under conditions of stress.”
    Most popular LEO handgun is the Glock: which has a 5 lb trigger pull.

  3. Joinoh says:

    @Dunkleosteus3691 it is unsafe for most shooters but my friend was a member of the U S Army shooting team… the first thing he does when he acquires a new gun is get the trigger worked on. ALL his guns trigger pull are 8 ounces! and yes that is literally a touch but that when shooters like him touch the trigger, they want to shoot!

  4. Wolfcat22 says:

    Have tuba will travel.

  5. Juliaflo says:

    @CocteauDalighari Well, raise my blood pressure and shut the front door! I did not know “Have Gun Will Travel’ was a radio program.

    Also, I knew about John Dehner, one of radio and television’s most prominent actors.

    (Don’t figure out my age, LOLOLOLOL).

  6. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  7. Juliaflo says:

    Richard Boone, in his day, was arguably one of the most prolific of television actors, starring in ‘Medic’, ‘Hec Ramsey’, and of course, in between that time, ‘Have Gun, Will Travel’.

    (From what I discern, he was a little nicer than his more famous cousin, Pat).

  8. CocteauDalighari says:

    This opening theme was used on the orig. 40s, 50s radio program, which starred actor John Dehner as Paladin.

  9. gollyanamegame says:

    Paladin for President….

  10. Dunkleosteus3691 says:

    Wonder how many commenting have every fired a Colt Single Action Army revolver.
    I have – and many other pistols beside that. I loved (and still love) H G – W T. But my one gripe is that Paladin said that his Colt had a 1-ounce trigger pull. That’s nonsense, just for the ignorant. Normally, the lightest trigger pull on any pistol should be 3 pounds or even a bit more. Most gun smiths won’t even go to 2 pounds – it’s unsafe.

  11. seanreillyireland says:

    Who needs Tarantino?

  12. Tmontana44 says:

    @aldichiara I was just watching this episode on Netflix. No, he doesn’t kill kids. The guy Paladin was supposed to bring in tried to kill him, so he killed him in self-defense. The “kid” just so happened to be 18.

  13. jmknuttel says:

    @musicman95 Yes, he did.

  14. aldichiara says:

    So Paladin kills kids?

  15. Wellch says:

    don’t put the gun away, Paladin. The bad guy will shoot you then.

  16. Krylogenic says:

    I have the entire series and I love it and when I was a kid we never missed an episode, even my bowling ball has the knight on it and the bowling ball is called paladin. I had the outfit whenI was a kid, They dont have anything on tv nowadays I woudl rather watch westerns every night especially Have gun will travel. RIP Richard Boone

  17. musicman95 says:

    Did the late movie music composer Bernard Herrmann write the original music theme to the tv show “Have Gun Will Travel?”

  18. WSenator1 says:

    @marioTmaggot – I didn’t (I was too young for it, in the late ’50s), but my folks did. When I heard that theme, it was off to another room in the house. I really need to sit on YT and watch an episode. Heard so much about it, and if they match the quality of this opening, it’ll be Must See for me!

  19. tuxguys says:

    The whole premise of this show proved, if proof were necessary, that classic hard-boiled private eye stories were 19th century westerns transplanted into 20th century urban settings.

  20. spareaxe says:

    He was great in Hombre>

  21. melollylolly says:

    the coolest western character ever

  22. jacfred says:

    @heycolslaw Oh, let me tell you Paladin killed more that a few when this great show was on in the late ’50s, early ’60s!

  23. sbflash311 says:

    I always thought his first name was “Wire”, because it said “Wire Paladin, San Francisco” on his card.

  24. Treblaine says:


  25. marioTmaggot says:

    I used to watch this religiously.

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