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Have Gun Will Travel – Red Dead Redemption Achievement/Trophy Guide

How to get Have Gun Will Travel on Red Dead Redemption! YOU HAVE TO SELECT PUBLIC. NOT PRIVATE! Twitter:
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25 Responses to “Have Gun Will Travel – Red Dead Redemption Achievement/Trophy Guide”

  1. alexcanny says:

    ok what about if you have the liars and cheaters pack installed do you have to do all of them as well

  2. cadchhdbdc says:

    @mammasaja im on nat type 3 and i get online with np, try buying a signal bosster if your wireless connection is weak tho, i did and it boosted my wireless form low 70′s to high 80′s and 90′s, hope that helps, but i know how frustrated you are :P

  3. thedorknight1 says:

    @mammasaja what internet connection you use..?

  4. thefallenone95 says:

    @UrbanNinja2128 No.

  5. mammasaja says:

    i got the game for ps3 but i cant play the online because of nat type 3

  6. FF4l1e says:

    i did al off em needed to do pikes basin connection error ugh fckin unfair gotta do all hideouts again

  7. justFORaJoke1912 says:

    @UrbanNinja2128 nope

  8. ApostelAvIngenting says:

    i did them all by myself and it didn’t unlock, i even did solomons folly but no luck

  9. UrbanNinja2128 says:

    on ps3 does solomons folly count?

  10. andrewp1217 says:

    yeye just did this achievment today !

  11. deloreandmc88 says:

    i have this!HA!

  12. Balova321 says:

    Your tips are the best man, thank you!

  13. yoyodumimaho0oyah says:

    @Slmjm884 lucky thn coz mine still nt wrking

  14. Slmjm884 says:

    Forget what i said i actually did it but the achievement notice didnt show up for me…really weird.

  15. yoyodumimaho0oyah says:

    @Slmjm884 Same m8… glitched much?

  16. 1993gandy says:

    @PLAYERCOOLDUDE thats for the offline one you have to do it online as well then you will get another trophy/achievement


    i did it without online O_O

  18. evh7775150 says:

    Shoot all D bags! lol Thx 4 letting us know it has to be online and not private. We did 4 of these then checked to be sure. Starting over! xD

  19. WTF2010100 says:

    can you do this on lan?

  20. MrMw2nolife says:

    paliden omg have gun will travel best old show eva

  21. Punkrockfan001 says:

    you know Rockstar used the title for this trophy twice.

    in this its called have gun will travel.
    in Midnight Club LA its called have car will

  22. ZBlacktt says:

    I swear some of these do not work. I did this which is SO easy and no trophy.

  23. MisterModder123 says:

    @Seldanas But we do! :D

  24. Hashwob says:

    @arioarebest yes. if you go out and later in, u must start over

  25. iTzUnreaal says:

    solomons folly is good are easy exp.

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