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Have Gun Will Travel

Photos from “Have Gun Will Travel” as properly as magazine and book covers of Richard Boone. Song by Johnny Western.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Have Gun Will Travel”

  1. kalliste23 says:

    Best TV show ever!

  2. wbaastle9 says:

    well i am 65 and i was lucky enough to be bought up with the proper westerns and the songs,they were all good.When i watch a modern one( well i dont ) they dont have the character and storylines of the classsic westerns

  3. DJxSGGxNeo says:

    Have Gun Will Travel, and Rifle Man ” Best Shows the world has ever know!!!!”

  4. DJxSGGxNeo says:

    @johna166 Charles Bronsen was in the 2nd episode wasn’t he?

  5. robharding1957 says:

    one of so many t v westerns which made my childhood so happy,,,real t v,,

  6. mooseydeucy says:

    I LOVE it!!! Great show from my youth. ALL my Aunts used to never miss it! Have Gun Will Travel…Bravo.

  7. FloodTheDrummer says:

    4/5/11: Arlene Ackerman, Superintendent of Philadelphia Public Schools, received a Death Threat… Read what the Philadelphia Public School System doesn’t want you see… @techbookonlinedotcom

  8. metallicarulz12345 says:

    @CaptainAwesomnessnes damn i twelve and i love paladin !

  9. IMfrederick says:

    I loved this video. It brought back old memories. They don’t make them like they used to. In the book, 100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand, Duane Eddy (a friend of Richard Boone) discussed him with Miss Rand. She mentioned that she loved his work, that he embodied some of the characteristics of her heroes.

  10. CaptainAwesomnessnes says:

    Ha ha ha im 14 and im loving this!! but tbh, i know this song because of stand by me

  11. ipodchik says:

    That horse has a funny looking face at 1:32 lol, I hear this song every night and memorized it subconsciously… my dad watches Have Gun Will Travel and Gunsmoke every single night!

  12. johna166 says:

    this very young charles bronsen makes this priceless.

  13. wanderer711 says:

    @Tmontana44 lol I live down the road in El Dorado!

  14. wanderer711 says:

    There’s a Western Channel, shows Gunsmoke, Cheyenne, Have Gun Will Travel, amongst others. And my 12 year old Daughter loves watching them with me.

  15. roadrunner9695 says:

    Paladin was a character who understood life.

  16. 4491430 says:

    stand by me

  17. Tmontana44 says:

    The guy who sang the theme song actually lives in my hometown, Wichita, Kansas.


  18. Capt777harris says:

    @TerryDowne Very cool.

  19. TerryDowne says:

    My father worked with Dick Boone. What a great song!

  20. Krylogenic says:

    Alot of people dont know he was directly related to Daniel Boone, I have the entire series and man do I enjoy watching them, nothing on tv now just crap! The old shows had an underlying theme HONOR, COURAGE, LOYALTY and INTEGRITY, something that hasbeen lost in our new society.

  21. magovenor says:

    “Have gun will travel with the heart of a man, a soldier of fortune in a savage land….”

  22. johnnynoirman says:

    Bernald Hermann theme!

  23. RunningWater8 says:

    They sure don’t make em like they used to Wardog687 – I watch them everyday in honor my father, who has passed away. We used to sit together and watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, etc. RIP Ira.

  24. terridiane says:

    I am addicted to these old westerns , they are so much better to watch then whats on now a days…………100% addicted to the Starr’s Western channel…

  25. synjruler says:

    the band have heart uses this in their song “intro/to us fools” on their 2003 demo

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