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Have Gun – Will Travel 1×02 – Part 1

Have Gun, Will Travel [1957], season one, episode two – ENJOY- -This show is out of copywright and requires no licence to post- -Any offensive political, religious or cultural views portrayed in TV of this age are not shared by me and are not to be taken seriously- SHOW SUMMARY Paladin was not your normal gunfighter. He was an educated and a traveled man. A West Point graduate, he served as a Union officer during the Civil War. After the war, he went west and became a high-priced ‘gun for hire.’ He was based at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco and enjoyed the finer things in life. He dressed in fancy clothes, enjoyed fine wine, gourmet food, opera, expensive cigars and he could play the piano. He read newspapers from all over the West looking for situations in which he could help, for a fee. Sometimes Hey Boy, the Oriental porter who worked at the Carlton, would bring Paladin a letter or ‘wire’ asking for his help. Usually, within the first few minutes, he was dressed for ‘business’ and on the trail. When working, he dressed completely in black including a black hat with a band of silver conchos and a custom holster with a silver chess knight on it. He carried a custom made pistol which was perfectly balanced and had a rifled barrel. He preferred to settle problems without violence whenever possible, but if forced to fight, he excelled. A master marksman and a quick draw, he was a match for most any man. And for those ‘difficult times’ he kept a derringer hidden under

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5 Responses to “Have Gun – Will Travel 1×02 – Part 1”

  1. zeak62 says:

    I am 64 love to remember, when I was11 years old, and had to beg my loving Mother, Pleaseeee can I stay up to see Have gun will travel? It came on at 9:30 pm. Loved Gun Smoke, and The Rifle man. Thanks for posting.

  2. jsilence418 says:

    I’ve always heard of these ,now I get to see one of the great TV shows . thanks for posting !

  3. violinmaster7 says:

    I’m 17 and I love Have Gun Will Travel!

  4. dan51556 says:

    This one was an excellent episode, although the one where Charles Bronson as a country hick in love with the Spanish lady was one of my very favorites. Thanks for posting

  5. Repter1961 says:

    This is an awesome peace of art!

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