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Have a fantastic period – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy

Kryten hasn’t quite got a handle on how to treat women for the duration of their period. His more than exuberence is comic genius!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Have a fantastic period – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy”

  1. Denarpsaurus says:

    I don’t care what people say, I like this series of Red Dwarf. If its Red Dwarf, I will watch it.

  2. jacksawild says:

    @YouTransistor99 Firefox + Ad Blocker = No adverts

  3. YouTransistor99 says:

    Screw YouTube. I clicked on this video and got a 15 second advertisement. I don’t need that sort of aggravation. I hope it was a good video but I am outta here.

  4. SquishedButterfly says:

    @calumelliott the laughter sounds suspiciously canned to me. if it’s a real audience, they must have recorded them with separate stuff because they’re definitely being faded in and out so’s not to impinge on the lines. either way, I doubt audience laughter would pose a problem if you can fade ‘em like that.

  5. SquishedButterfly says:

    I suppose there were a few good moments in series 7 and 8, but I kind of wish they’d have left it alone at the cliffhanger ending of series 6. would have left things nicely open-ended. you could always wonder if they found a way back, but instead they carried on and ruined the format, and in a way it weakened the whole thing. shame.

  6. WithAPinchOfSalt says:

    Toe-curlingly embarrassing and yet hilarious at the same time…

  7. OzTerri says:

    Aaaaah! Kryten! That’s who I was thinking of you when I was watching Christian Bale in “American Psycho” recently. Has anyone else picked up on the similarities when “Patrick Bateman” talks about music?

  8. JallenMeodia says:

    @Epiczz3010 Adverts generally use blue liquid when showing the absorbency of products. Especially when it comes to bodily fluids. Gives off a hospital/sciencey-type vibe.

  9. Epiczz3010 says:

    I’m sorry but what is the BLUE STUFF?

  10. calumelliott says:

    @jontycampbell well, not really, they don’t really edit the scenes that much because otherwise the laughter would become out of sync

  11. jontycampbell says:

    @PoppyRedPoppyBlack Hang on, it’s edited together, the timing of the conversation is in the hands of the tape editors surely. It’s not in one take and the lines are filmed separately. And Chloe Annett is yummy, not that I’m biased haha. :)

  12. FecskeDavid says:

    @joejackson87 except this one

  13. ChantalJalbert says:

    “When a woman is having a..-” *Points to banner* LOL

  14. castellanofarsante says:

    Have a fantastic period, everybody!

  15. MrLiamHenderson says:

    @PoppyRedPoppyBlack I couldn’t agree with you more! As you said, the woman has no comic talent at all. She is about as funny as a cancerous polyp on the anus of humanity.

  16. Penguinshek says:

    He… was lying!! :( *cries* HE WAS LYING!!!!

  17. Penguinshek says:

    He… was lying!! :( *cries*

  18. dipstickers says:

    What happened to the Cat?

  19. joejackson87 says:

    period jokes are lame

  20. kristincoyn says:

    past way site from dating

  21. bradconroy6 says:

    @Ipodgod7 I’m pretty sure it’s “Only the Good.” Final episode of series 8.

  22. Ipodgod7 says:

    What episode is this??

  23. dementedducky934 says:


  24. xTheNightWatchmanx says:

    Amazing……….love dis show Yeah!

  25. Phreddiva says:

    @ThrobnWood Thank you! :) Makes perfect sense. ;)

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