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hart to hart

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25 Responses to “hart to hart”

  1. mccoobs says:

    Max… YOU ruled~ !

  2. b0nes2 says:

    @slicked25 what country do you live in?

  3. eric9590 says:

    Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers had such great chemistry together. Chemisty, Style, Romance, Intrigue…..I used to LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

  4. samsam29 says:

    I used to have a crush on Stefanie Powers.

  5. sisterbrothers says:

    When they met…it was MOIDER.
    He should have said it like that.

  6. Tages1972 says:

    I remember watching this as a kid and having a crush on Stefanie Powers. They were the happiest couple on TV at the time and made marriage look very appealing to my pre-teen self.

    Years later, I finally noticed that they were modeled on Nick and Nora from the Thin Man films. Nowadays, I believe that they used “darling” a bit too much, but still an intriguing show.

  7. TVFAN80 says:

    This is my “bwoss” ,Jonathan Hart,
    A self-made millionaire,
    Packs quite a punch!

  8. MANWORLD says:

    You can write ” L’amour du risque” and you will see the open credit in french with a totaly different song

  9. MANWORLD says:

    You can see the open credit , totaly different in french

  10. TheJessicasssss says:

    can anybody speak german??
    i have a question but i can´t say it in english…

  11. Suthek says:

    @slicked25 There is. It’s called YouTube ;-)

  12. WonderBread006 says:

    rofl 0:57

  13. eden1963 says:

    Back then when a woman could wear fur!

  14. CliftonPhotographer says:

    @slicked25 If they start that channel (or did they?) then start another one right next to it on the listing of shows that lasted a short time! Bad or Great! Then maybe I’ll get cable/satellite!

  15. edybeast says:

    I loved this show; both Wagner and Powers had style.

  16. ckg927 says:

    @slicked25 Well, you’ve got RTV…This TV….TV Land….do they count?

  17. TheRack2010 says:

    The only reason I even watched this is because of Stefanie..

  18. myrnaloysboy says:

    William Powell and Myrna Loy I am sure were very proud of these efforts. xx

  19. justindavidvazquez says:

    One of my mom’s favorite shows!

  20. IngridBergmanRocked says:

    @Hobgoblin1985 Thanks for the information:D

    What happened to romantic comedies? I REALLY miss them on the big and small screen. *sad sigh* It really is a shame.

  21. firmingitup says:

    I always thought they had something going on IRL b/c they seemed to have so much chemistry onscreen.

  22. GSIBOSS says:

    my name is MAX

  23. typkes says:

    this is my boss :-)

  24. ahowarth2 says:

    It was a great tv show for Sundays as was Magnem P.I also was The Fall Guy & The A Team anyone remember TJ Hooker ?

  25. ImagesByDavid says:

    another lifetime it was

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