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Hart to Hart Pilot episode part 1

The pilot episode of the Spectacular Series Hart to Hart that stars Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. Copyright Sony Photos Entertainment

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25 Responses to “Hart to Hart Pilot episode part 1”

  1. 101rileyrocks says:

    ha ha I always keep a spare in the trunk

  2. TheRimDoctor says:

    @Raymond09871 Looked a lot nicer than the cheap scam home equity commercials he’s starring in now.

  3. louiseo0905 says:

    @megamanmaniac oh ok ty

  4. megamanmaniac says:

    @louiseo0905 That’s Jill St. John.

  5. vexacon says:

    All there is on tv nowdays is crap! Those reality shows are so boring and all look alike. Stephanie Powers was a hottie, with a big dose of class!

  6. webaholicsweet says:

    wow nice dress in black minute 0:28 … i miss the nice cloth and formal behavior … i was 10 and i wish stephanie powers and robert w married jajaja…

  7. dynamic27ph says:

    @louiseo0905 I want him to marry Stef too. :)

  8. louiseo0905 says:

    i was mad when he married Susan St John. I wanted him to marry Stephanie Powers. I was about 13 years old.

  9. louiseo0905 says:

    @TheMasterNo6 he was a rescue dog. they found him on the freeway, hence freeway.

  10. tweetie563 says:

    @Raymond09871 …you should see him in It Takes a Thief, or the old Pink Panther movie!!

  11. MultiPeter1961 says:

    Danke fürs hochladen, diese Serie habe ich gerne gesehen. Gibt es auch die in Deutsch?

  12. TheMasterNo6 says:

    I used to love watching this show as a kid. When I saw the dog I remembered, bet he was related to Benji.

  13. dynamic27ph says:

    @Raymond09871 and gorgeous. hehehe

  14. dynamic27ph says:

    @katsaur i know! lol it’s hard to believe he is now 80 and grey. wish i could have seen him in the eighties when he looks so dashing. :)

  15. Raymond09871 says:

    Robert Wagner looks so young & slim in these films!

  16. katsaur says:

    By choosing Robert Wagner to portray Tony DiNozzo Sr. on NCIS, the casting directors made the best decision ever. Just saying. It’s clear that there is literally no other person, simply from this one video. Thanks so much for posting it. It’s so interesting to see him not-grey :p

  17. hardrein101 says:

    great show!!! and they could not have cast a more lovely couple in RJ and S. powers….they had such great chemistry…..i always fantasized that demi moore and bruce willis would remake this when they were married….

  18. september56089 says:

    i loved this show, it’s my favorite

  19. september56089 says:

    i love this show. it’s mt favorite

  20. ocd4lane says:

    I loved this show, THANK YOU for this!

  21. 1975Spanky says:

    I loved loved loved this show. I still love love love it.

  22. woof999 says:

    I loved this show!!!

  23. sarafresa says:

    @babytomcat thats true!!! They looked sooo in love… that was one of the reasons i started watching this show, and by that time i even believed they were couple in real life! :P hehe

  24. Rumpio says:

    Hah! That scene of him driving at night was recreated exactly in a Police Squad episode!

  25. Dizzybear says:

    robert wagner was soooooooooooo young here. my friend and I were talking about how he looks and i remember him from this show. had to look it up to remember what he looked like

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