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Hart to Hart – Opening Theme – Season 1

Hart to Hart
Video Rating: 4 / five

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22 Responses to “Hart to Hart – Opening Theme – Season 1”

  1. shadster73 says:

    By the way, my name is Max. I work for the bawss, arranging all of his bits of fluff on the side while Mrs H is out of town.

  2. eitrig says:

    @philaman1972 oh yeah you must of been in a basement.

  3. fossefan says:

    I’m glad they tweaked the narration. This one makes them sound psychotic.

  4. TheAnabolicMutation says:

    Man, I wanted to bang Stephanie Powers sooooo bad back then. Where did those days go…………….

  5. grubeci says:

    they never show south boston on these shows. lol.

  6. grubeci says:

    tv princple number one..follow the money he was a pretty smooth dude..and you know..not bad for an old broad

  7. grubeci says:

    tv princple number one..follow the money

  8. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    The 2-hour pilot episode that aired on August 25, 1979 had music by Roger Nichols and words by Leslie Bricusse, but even there, the words were never used.

    The H2H theme song we know and love (by Mark Snow) was originally background music on the pilot.

  9. shmuli9 says:

    I LOVED this series. I watched it almost every week. I particularly remember the episode where the bad guy put a sausage on a burner, leaving marks, and he said to Jennifer “that’s the way your face will look if I don’t get the money” and also a scene where Jenifer finds her friend’s ring in a tree shredder (sort of a precursor to “Fargo”)…

  10. Italman45 says:

    @FaytLinegod ….Class all the way…they don’t make them like this anymore !

  11. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    I wonder if the swirling strings part of this tune (by Mark Snow) sounds like a prog-rock-type song (think Electric Light Orchestra)???

  12. writerforlifeify says:

    I just loved this show as a 10-year-old back in the day. But all I remember about it now is that cute little dog of theirs named Freeway….lol.

  13. EuphoriaAuroria says:


  14. bluerisk says:


    And yet: I like The Sopranos, The Shield or The Wire ten times better.

  15. Edam3000 says:

    @philaman1972 Very well said :)

  16. philaman1972 says:

    The unique thing about the late 70s/early 80s TV shows were that you would be able to watch them collectively with family members of all ages, and no one would get offended. No gratuitous sex themes, derogatory words, etc. Plus, the shows were soooo fun then. It was pure escapist TV.

  17. kezadrone says:

    Disco kicks ass. The start stuff is awsome.

  18. Lyrh says:

    …Jʌnʌthʌn Heart !

  19. FaytLinegod says:

    I loved this show so much.

  20. Italman45 says:

    Stephanie Powers….Hot Stuff !!!

  21. Italman45 says:

    season 1 opening is the best…..It has that disco sound…..

  22. TheMikester307 says:

    Thanks! So Romantic!!!!

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