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Hart to Hart – Now

Hart to Hart tribute with the song “Now”.
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22 Responses to “Hart to Hart – Now”

  1. xkristenxx says:

    I wish Hart to Hart was in re-runs…Loved this show…and loved the Carpenters.

  2. xkristenxx says:

    I wish Hart to Hart was in re-runs…Loved this show…

  3. MyTake3535 says:

    Other than the Cosby marriage… (oh, & Florida & James), I can’t think of any TV marriage that has exemplified more love & respect.

  4. stefnrjfan2 says:

    Beautiful scene choices, and the wonderful Karen Carpenter. Who could ask for more! Loved Hart to Hart from the first pilot movie, and even before that when i saw the first commercial. Has always been my number one show, and i can’t get enough of them. Love Stef & RJ!!

  5. 1550858 says:

    that is my favorite song from the carpenters, simply beautiful and i like hart to hart, too. thank you for the upload

  6. wubbie2steps says:

    Your comment couldn’t be more true.. no shows today teach/show true love and respect in a marriage. This show shows a husband truly loving his wife.. such a rarity. Can honestly say i can’t think of a show on television that can top the Harts.

  7. fripon77 says:

    Thank you for the music…
    Karen i love you!!!

  8. marievapi says:

    I love this program!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for share it!

  9. jenjam2 says:

    Wow!! That was absolutely touching and I think that song was somewhere used in one of the H2H shows. I haved always loved the Carpenters and it fits these two to a tee. Thank you for sharing. I loved it.

  10. Mariaarcondo says:

    Beautiful ! You made a great work ! Thank you !!

  11. rubix110 says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much!

  12. patssister2007 says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and a real tribute to Karen Carpenters last song she ever recorded.

  13. ananise says:


  14. ladydi5319 says:

    Did we have the best television shows of the 80′s or what? Hart to Hart and Remington Steele were the shows that emphasized respect and love for only one person! These are great and my daughters are loving those shows now! Thanks for the lovely tribute!

  15. lemmatt says:

    Schöööön!! 5sterne von LEMMATT!

  16. amaraca says:

    I have the need to catch her before the last breath and never let her go! Karen, you were amazing.

  17. fiddleup says:

    This was a studio “proof” i.e. not the final recording, but karen being karen, it was PERFECT, so Richard has used it ever since! She walked out of the studio, actually looking quite a bit better than in previous months (a bit more weight)…..and within days….She was no longer with us :( :(

  18. LoveAnnaNicole says:

    yes it actually was the last one

  19. Mozart424 says:

    So beautiful

  20. kickinbacknyc says:

    I think this was the last song she recorded before her death. So sad.

  21. thazenstab says:

    What a great song to put to such a great show. One of my favorites.

  22. sandym70 says:

    Wonderful!! I loved this show as a kid and what a great song to compliment some beautiful clips. Karen Carpenter was such a beautiful singer – what a sad loss.

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