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Hart 2 Hart Season 2 Intro

Hart 2 Hart Neighborhood

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25 Responses to “Hart 2 Hart Season 2 Intro”

  1. kevico2 says:

    @diamonddog13 He did not….!

  2. kingofthedammd says:

    Great memories!!

  3. DeusImperium says:

    Too bad we don’t get shows half as good as these anymore.

  4. telebambam says:

    Makes me want to steal a convertible and drive as fast as I can.


    @terrycharnley I am so much in agreement with you. The re-makes of the classics just doesn’t measure up to the stars of the era. That’s why we can re-visit our favorite shows and stars on You Tube and buy the videos. A few years ago when they tried to bring Bonanza back by calling the show The Ponderosa was just not the same. There will never be another Cartwright family on the Ponderosa like the original stars on Bonanza. Also.. the Starsky & Hutch movie didn’t make the grade either.


    @somewhatlongdong LOL when I read your comment. I love Seinfeld too. That episode was funny.

  7. somewhatlongdong says:

    I used to like Robert Wagner, but he’s an anti-dentite now. Shame.

  8. terrycharnley says:

    @MsDeandrea absolutely not! It was a wonderful product of its time, fondly remembered, but a movie now would do it no favours at all. They did that with the A team and look at how that turned out

  9. voyage2k says:

    @anthonybahm Read Dr. Thomas Noguchi’s book “Coroner” — he proves very effectively that Natalie Wood drowning was her fault because she was so drunk, she couldn’t understand that the down jacket she was wearing when she fell in the water was completely saturated and went from weighing maybe a pound and a half to 25 times that.

  10. voyage2k says:

    @doug6941596 It wasn’t a sitcom it was a mystery series. :P

  11. rugbytlse says:

    @EspritFelin On entendait ce thème durant le feuilleton, en fond sonore.

  12. EspritFelin says:

    I am living in France and I’ve never seen this intro. We had a french version which was totally different.

  13. toddsmitts says:

    I remember seeing Lionel Stander in the ORIGINAL “Mr. Deeds” movie from the 30′s. He played this sort of gruff, shady assistant type who gets won over by Deeds’ personality.

  14. THECLARENCES says:

    The Clarences

  15. doug6941596 says:

    My Dad’s fav sitcom of the 80′s

  16. stvnrbbns says:

    Love it. I was in the 4th grade when this show originally aired. Even back then designers were cross promoting with TV (first) movies and music. At 0:47 Jennifer is wearing classic Halston look and she also drove a 560 SL Benz . Lynda Carter /Wonder Woman also had the same wardrobe and drove the same car-different colour . Love RETRO JUNK. So useful when you get older. I actually have a 1983 560 SL sitting in a garage awaiting restoration. Childhood memories maybe ? Thanks for posting

  17. MsDeandrea says:

    they should do a movie of this….this was real good TV back then!!!!

  18. MaidanTube says:

    woah classical catchy 70′s theme!!

  19. HGbunny says:

    Christopher Walken was on the boat, but I never read about his being suspect, only questioned.

  20. obsidiansdawn says:

    Ha! Me too! :)

  21. geekforlife003 says:

    An all-time classic. And one of TV’s perfect couples.

  22. HGbunny says:

    I so wanted to live like them when I was grown.

  23. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    If you do get the DVD’s, it will only be from Seasons 1 & 2, as Sony has decided not to release the other three due to poor sales. Damn sure is a shame that they don’t, as I still think Season 4 had some of the best episodes in it!

  24. musty67r says:

    He did all his own stunt work you know

  25. younger1968 says:

    this was another good show. I may pick up the dvds down the road. I miss the 60s, 70s and 80s tv.

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