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Harry James and Ricky Ricardo “Dombayamo”

Heres a clip with Ricky Ricardo and Harry James in a tune I believe is known as “Dombayamo”.
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  1. 1200sbeemer says:

    Great! I grew up listening to Harry James with my father. My favorite trumpet player and best of all time. My father took me to see him in the seventies in Biloxi, MS. I did get a few pictures with him. Have almost all of his albums, 78 & lp. Have several autographed lp’s. I had a letter and an autographed pic he sent me to a responce to a letter I wrote to him but when I was married my wife got mad one day and destroyed them.

  2. rodrigozuniga45 says:

    Harry was one of my heroes growing up. I was fortunate to have met him and take a picture with him. Any James’ fans out there? You must read a wonderful book called “Trumpet Blues, The Life and Times of Harry James.” It explains this amazing man’s life, his personal tragedy, failed marriage to one of the most gorgeous women who ever lived, etc. It is required reading.

  3. theaed02 says:

    Great James. He lays it all out there on this one. Can he be anyone sold at1:33 thru
    1:55. He is just wringing those notes out.Dont even know what he is doing 1:25 – I:29 except that it is tough and perfect. Think I heard his horn screem RAPE…..more than once………..

  4. chkjns says:

    @gregwallasey Thanks to you & pancho, this is the 90th tune on my 1958 playlist! Want to take a step back in time? I’ve created 111 lists for every year since 1900 so you can listen for hours like you’re back in the day. Found this working on my Harry James playlist, one of 350 lists for the best musicians on earth. But WAIT, there’s MORE! Ummm okay, enough, but I’ve got over 550 lists in all – you might just like. Chuck

  5. wiccanlove1 says:

    Too bad they don’t make shows like this any more……

  6. Hornman64 says:

    Hadn’t remembered that segment from that special. Fantastic playing by Harry.

  7. gregwallasey says:

    its called the bayamo and featured i lucy and desi comedy hour “lucy wins a race horse” with guest stars Betty Grable and then husband Harry James in 1958

  8. CUNfTucker says:

    ubiquitous, but plays the same thing every time. like hendrix

  9. trumpetdude18 says:

    Harry James: Great sound, projection, intonation and above all, STYLE! WOW!!!

  10. GodzRicko says:

    Man… There is just no one with a sound that big WITH the techincal flawlessness as Harry had to back it up. Plus range. A true trumpet player.

  11. MikeyL says:

    Yep Lucy has “no splanein tu dooo” dis time! haha It’s Lil Ricky and Chika time! haha. Ah, great old memories!

  12. ilovdesilu says:

    OMG that must of made lucy mad

  13. KLOKFXR says:

    Glad you “splayned” that to us!

  14. boxr4 says:

    This is from “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” 1958-1959, when Harry James and his wife, Betty Grable guest starred.

  15. Hollywoodcraz04 says:

    What is this from?

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