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Harry James and Ricky Ricardo “Dombayamo”

Heres a clip with Ricky Ricardo and Harry James in a tune I believe is called “Dombayamo”.
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11 Responses to “Harry James and Ricky Ricardo “Dombayamo””

  1. wiccanlove1 says:

    Too bad they don’t make shows like this any more……

  2. Hornman64 says:

    Hadn’t remembered that segment from that special. Fantastic playing by Harry.

  3. gregwallasey says:

    its called the bayamo and featured i lucy and desi comedy hour “lucy wins a race horse” with guest stars Betty Grable and then husband Harry James in 1958

  4. CUNfTucker says:

    ubiquitous, but plays the same thing every time. like hendrix

  5. trumpetdude18 says:

    Harry James: Great sound, projection, intonation and above all, STYLE! WOW!!!

  6. GodzRicko says:

    Man… There is just no one with a sound that big WITH the techincal flawlessness as Harry had to back it up. Plus range. A true trumpet player.

  7. MikeyL says:

    Yep Lucy has “no splanein tu dooo” dis time! haha It’s Lil Ricky and Chika time! haha. Ah, great old memories!

  8. ilovdesilu says:

    OMG that must of made lucy mad

  9. KLOKFXR says:

    Glad you “splayned” that to us!

  10. boxr4 says:

    This is from “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” 1958-1959, when Harry James and his wife, Betty Grable guest starred.

  11. Hollywoodcraz04 says:

    What is this from?

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