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Hardcastle & McCormick Intro

very cool ;) The Coyote X rulz!!! visit us at
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25 Responses to “Hardcastle & McCormick Intro”

  1. ipsofacto297 says:

    Very similar to Magnum PI, shows like this from the 80′s were great!

    Agree wholeheartedly with statements promoting music, movies, and tv shows from the 80′s. Now days most people have 40+ tv channels to choose from…yet there is never anything on worth watching!

  2. amwlady says:

    the car is awsome. they should start making them again

  3. ElectricHellfire001 says:

    Too bad about Brian Keith killing himself a few years back!

  4. SmashCZ says:

    The Cody Coyote is very cute car, love him :P

  5. Trollercauster says:

    don’t make tv like this anymore.

  6. crassyfrake says:

    i used to love this show!!! I vaguely remember the episode with tom kennedy as an evil game show host lol

    I hope they dont ruin this show with a crappy movie too…agh lol

  7. doctorw2 says:


  8. Jetlihenchman says:

    @ghettochef Nope the very beginning of the very first Fast and the Furious with the black honda civics with the green lights jacking the truck.

  9. PsychoticBovine says:

    @bosswall I agree. The 80′s ruled!

  10. ghettochef says:

    @ghettochef my fault, there were 2 models

  11. ghettochef says:

    the car looked much cooler in my memories…
    like almost every vehikel from 80s action series

  12. ghettochef says:

    @Jetlihenchman wasnt it the 2nd?

  13. smokes2468 says:

    @bosswall Where’s a time machine when you need one.

  14. Jetlihenchman says:

    0:31 notice the stunt stolen from this later used in the first Fast and the Furious film. this show was the shit as were all 80s action shows period.

  15. bosswall says:

    Man I loved this show and you know what else I’ll take back the 80s any day over the crap we deal with today.

  16. Airman241 says:

    most of the characters in the 80s shows seemed real not fake

  17. LcplHabon says:

    @tomcatfranks You’re right. Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Airwolf, MacGyver, and other shows that I can’t seem to think of right now are better than what people see on tv nowadays. Why the hell would anyone want to watch Glee or reality tv?

  18. ImperoRomano says:

    0:00 It’s a Ferrari’s Veglia-Borletti model tachometer!!

  19. crucialconflict02 says:

    COYOTE X!!!!!!!

  20. BluTrilobite says:

    I love that car! The Cody Coyote was sweet!

  21. Rocky1978999 says:

    best sound ever

  22. Joelomite says:

    Only in the 80s could you find such bucketloads of testosterone-laden intros like this. Show intros (except HBO’s shows) are just dull, quick 5-second nothings to get to the show. Sometimes, we have to look back in time to see how simpler IS better.

  23. metallicafanga says:

    good song

  24. Colierrannd2 says:

    Still my dream car. When I got the chance to meet Stephen J. Cannell we talked about it and how they could never get the things to run consistently. Still want one though.

  25. davidjradich says:

    The other day I had this friggin’ song trapped in my head. I have no idea why! Watched the show way back when it first came out.

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