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Hardcastle & McCormick Intro

really cool ) The Coyote X rulz!!! visit us at
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Hardcastle & McCormick Intro”

  1. blackthunderbooster says:


    Ultimate racing song

  2. banditt18 says:

    any full eps of Hardcastle & McCormick?

  3. Krrrimmi says:

    I’m watching this when i was a kid.I’m only wondering,does Coyote X mass produced in d market like 1982 Pontiac Firebird(a.k.a. KITT) in d ’80s?Or just an exclusive prototype car for d series? :-/

  4. Krrrimmi says:

    @classicgamer1968 I agree w/ u.But speaking of action sports cars primetime,I like watching “VIPER” in 1994. ;-)

  5. Krrrimmi says:

    I always wanted 2 have a COYOTE X toycar when I was a kid.The COYOTE X toycar of Tonka. :-)

  6. Krrrimmi says:


  7. Krrrimmi says:

    @antonhighnormandy Me 2! :-)

  8. TheTechnoa says:

    Hollywood is running out of ideas to making movies.and making remakes of tv episodes and old movies are thier specialty.why not remake this tv show and make it a movie on the big screen?

  9. MsHardhair says:

    @mistofoles very well spotted!

  10. MsHardhair says:

    @classicgamer1968 Couldn’t have put it better myself

  11. antonhighnormandy says:

    Hello everybody ! I’m 36 now and I miss the eighties so much as I’m getting older. Classicgamer 1968 is completely right !!! We’ve lost our innocence I guess, unfortunately becoming I-Phone geeks. Hardcastle & Mccormick ( Le Juge et le Pilote in french ;-) ) was pure entertainment just like The Unknown Stuntman, Magnum P.I. ( my fav’ ! ), Knight Rider ( 2nd fav’ ), Airwolf, Hunter, Miami Vice and for those who remembers Riptide… Don’t know U mates but we share the same spirit ! Au revoir ;-)

  12. DeathofSpecteR says:

    –Not a bad show,
    Mclaren m6 gt = yes.

  13. whatisbestinlife says:

    Tuco guest stars in this episode!!!

  14. whatisbestinlife says:

    @classicgamer1968 Dunno where you grew up, but where I came from people were just as prone to being a-holes as they are today.

    But I’m with you on the great TV and games from the era.

  15. ogbruticus says:

    My God man,its got to be in the top three of the best tv series intros of all time, beautiful :)

  16. HandRpuffin says:

    Doesn’t White Collar series remind you of this series..alittle bit? And that show Leverage reminds me of The A-Team.

  17. wildchildrm74 says:

    @classicgamer1968 You my friend,are a poet.

  18. samaxe1 says:

    Mike Post and Pete Carpenter are to 80′s tv theme songs like Ronnie James Dio and James Hetfield are to Heavy metal. Without them,we’d still have the show,but not the enjoyment.

  19. theoneandonlyotaku says:

    This show kicks so much ass it should have feet.

  20. mistofoles says:

    HA HA! Not the first time Daniel Hugh-Kelly’s had a brush with a nasy dog, he was also in “CUJO” !

  21. MarekAd says:

    yes, it´s one of the best intro music i have heard…

  22. rtds9fan says:

    God I miss it when tv shows had great theme songs.Back when you cared about watching the intro just as much as you did the show! But now you’re lucky if you get a ten second intro for a show.Now a days stations don’t want to waste a second that they could fill with a stupid commercial!

  23. musiclover3928 says:

    haha! i like the part “you could find a job” :) . Let’s go back to the 80s when the economy was booming!!

  24. NothingOriginal55 says:

    I miss shows with opening credits.

  25. digipeeper says:

    The song helps this show and the car is the actual star.

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