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Hardcastle And McCormick(Cody Coyote Chase)

The long awaited Cody Coyote chase scene through the fairgrounds.
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25 Responses to “Hardcastle And McCormick(Cody Coyote Chase)”

  1. Stutterat says:

    Cool car, if they made this show today some jackass would have put 22′s on it!

  2. oilersfanful says:

    Lol why does he smoke the curb at the end?

  3. camaromullet says:

    Thanks for posting this. I used to watch this show as a grade school kid.
    I loved that car! I bought the 1/24 scale model car back in ’85 (I couldn’t build a model car to save my life, it turned out terrible with glue spilled everywhere).
    I always wondered what it would like to drive, acceleration would be like getting shot out of a cannon. What an awesome ride! This car is on my wishlist of things I would like to buy if I ever win the lottery.

  4. shototsu says:

    Without computer effects the old shows look much more realstic and cool!

  5. alexander1485 says:

    @Zach979 ah well, thats what Dealer plates are for =)

  6. Zach979 says:

    @alexander1485 The car didn’t get it untl the second episode. The Coyote was an “X” car meaning prototype so didn’t have the licence plate.

  7. alexander1485 says:

    wheres the cars license plate? lol

  8. REHJR2008 says:

    also at 3:27 the drivers side headlight cover breaks off the jump and flies off and then through good ole tv magig its back on at 3:34.. i remember this tv show. been a while since i have seen it though.

  9. DC322 says:

    @stevezilla68 axle damage

  10. blairva122 says:

    how many gears did this car have? 20/30. i still would like to find one and get nuts with it. a guy used to have one in lemoore ca. with a big block buick in it, black. it must have been a blast to drive.

  11. deloreanfan81 says:

    did the other drvier crap his pants LOL

  12. pumpingplumpers says:

    if you pause the video at 3:04– 3:05 the coyotes right rear axle breaks. so serious drivetrain abuse

  13. stevezilla68 says:

    ha ha… check out the blown tire at 3:40 — then, seconds later, it has magically fixed itself. That’s good TV.

  14. yastunt says:

    Sweet stunt at 4.05!

  15. Dennisonable says:

    i love cody

  16. Mrtinkyloo says:

    3:00, a priceless moment.

  17. gm0neyd0llaz says:

    lol sumone said it had a 350 in it liars i knew this car was garbage 1900 cc lol what a joke

  18. silfo2008 says:

    Ufff!!! What a lovely pair of skintight jeans!!! Why aren’t they used nowadays by guys???

  19. pdennis93 says:

    is it one of these style coyote’s or is it the late delorean style

  20. manoman0 says:

    it seems these cars have an endless supply of

  21. deloreanfan81 says:

    do you have a website for the dealer?

  22. BadTeutonik says:

    Really? Well i was for 20 years a fan from this soap, but i´m not an expert. I´ve just seen by the jump a beetle motor and it´s make me funny ;-)

  23. slambe1966 says:

    the actual car used in the movie is for sale for $19K. in Volo Ill. at a dealer there with a certificate from Disney.

  24. slambe1966 says:

    This car was an actual driver jump car (not catipulted). It had a powerful 1900CC EMPI type III engine with dual carbs to push the car to jump speed without hesitation. Most stunt cars for jumps are manned with a dummy and catipulted. FWIW.

  25. maladsyko says:

    hey ! that’s at the ceasar’s palace parking where the las vegas F1 GP took place in 1981 / 82 !!

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